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  1. Article VI
  2. Marbury v. Madison
  3. Article I, Section 8
  4. 22nd Amendment
  5. Article V
  1. a enumerated powers of Congress
  2. b Amending the Constitution
  3. c 2 terms; 10 years total for the presidency
  4. d The Supremacy Clause
  5. e asserts the power of judicial review

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  1. no cruel and unusual punishment
  2. reserved powers of the states
  3. "separate but equal"
  4. number of representatives (districts) in CA
  5. president's salary

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  1. constitutionalismlimited government ensures order, competitive markets, personal opportunity


  2. Article IIRatification of the Constitution


  3. judicial activismjudges interpret the Constitution to reflect current conditions and values (Sotomayor)


  4. 14th Amendmentequal protection under the law; due process


  5. 3rd Amendmentright to keep and bare arms


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