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  1. 4th Amendment
  2. federalism
  3. 26th Amendment
  4. 14th Amendment
  5. Plessy v. Ferguson
  1. a no illegal search and seizure
  2. b "separate but equal"
  3. c constitutional arrangment...division of power between national, state, local government
  4. d equal protection under the law; due process

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  1. election of the president; presidential ticket; electoral college
  2. enumerated powers of Congress
  3. The Executive Branch; the President
  4. 30 years old, 9 year citizen, 6 year term
  5. Full Faith and Credit Clause

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  1. constitutionalismchecks and balances; separation of powers; federalism; rule of law; due process; bill of rights


  2. 5th Amendmenteminent domain, double jeopardy, due process, self incrimination


  3. 22nd Amendment2 terms; 10 years total for the presidency


  4. 25th Amendmentpresidential succession and disability


  5. 6th Amendmentright to a fair and speedy trial


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