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  1. expostulate
  2. avaricious
  3. propitiation
  4. retributive
  5. affable
  1. a an atoning sacrifice; to gain or regain favor
  2. b to express strong disapproval or disagreement
  3. c being pleasant and at ease in talking to others
  4. d greedy of gain
  5. e of, relating to, or marked by retribution, payback, retaliation, revenge

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  1. press or squeeze
  2. diligence
  3. recklessly bold
  4. innocent, naive
  5. of, relating to, or characteristic of the devil

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  1. leeinnocent, naive


  2. placabletolerant; pacify or soothe


  3. aberrationunsoundness or disorder of the mind


  4. incipientbeginning; to come into being or to become apparent


  5. amiablebeing pleasant and at ease in talking to others


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