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  1. augment
  2. assuage
  3. antagonism
  4. belittle
  5. bequeath
  1. a to make something seem less important
  2. b hostility, active opposition
  3. c to leave money or property by a will; to pass along
  4. d to calm or soothe; to satisfy
  5. e to increse or enlarge; to become greater in size

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  1. strong or fixed dislike; antipathy
  2. hiding place; something hidden in a hiding place
  3. high-sounding; marked by us of language without much real meaning
  4. happy and cheerful
  5. to waste away

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  1. apocryphalof doubtful authenticity; counterfeit


  2. autonomyto waste away


  3. austerestern in manner or apperence; strict in morals


  4. arduousto calm or soothe; to satisfy


  5. cacophonydiscord; harsh sound


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