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vocab 3+4 Test

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  1. bombastic
  2. aversion
  3. bizarre
  4. cacophony
  5. austere
  1. a discord; harsh sound
  2. b strong or fixed dislike; antipathy
  3. c high-sounding; marked by us of language without much real meaning
  4. d stern in manner or apperence; strict in morals
  5. e strickingly odd in apperance or style; grotesque

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. to increse or enlarge; to become greater in size
  2. able to put one's thoughts into words easily and clearly
  3. direct opposite
  4. happy and cheerful
  5. hiding place; something hidden in a hiding place

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  1. atrophyto waste away


  2. assuagestern in manner or apperence; strict in morals


  3. antagonismhostility, active opposition


  4. autonomyto waste away


  5. belittlehappy and cheerful


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