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  1. Je m'en veux de...
  2. Tricheur(euse)!
  3. Mêle-toi de tes oignons!
  4. l'aîné(e)
  5. A quelle heure est-ce qu'on se donne rendez-vous?
  1. a What time are we meeting?
  2. b I feel bad that...
  3. c The oldest child.
  4. d Mind you're own business.
  5. e Cheater!

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  1. Wouldn't you like to...?
  2. You're driving me crazy!
  3. Tattletale!
  4. He/She started it!
  5. That's enough!

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  1. Casse-toi!Get out of here!


  2. Je vous remercie.Thank you.


  3. Entrez, je vous en prie.Come in, please.


  4. Je pendrais bien...I'd like some...


  5. Tu le fais exprès?Wouldn't you like to...?


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