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  1. Tant pis pour toi!
  2. Tu m'énerves, à la fin!
  3. Fiche-moi la paix!
  4. Ne t'inquiète pas.
  5. Je m'excuse de...
  1. a Tough!
  2. b Don't worry about it.
  3. c I'm sorry for...
  4. d Leave me alone!
  5. e You're really bugging me!

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  1. That's very nice of you.
  2. He/She started it!
  3. Would you be interested in...?
  4. widowed
  5. Give me...

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  1. Ça te plairait de...?Would you like to...?


  2. Oh, ça va, hien?Oh, cut it out!


  3. Je suis pris(e).I'm busy.


  4. Ce serait sympa.I'd like some...


  5. Je vous remercie.Thank you.


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