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law, liability, and ethics for medical office professionals Test

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  1. levy
  2. tendered
  3. disparate
  4. subscribers
  5. investment
  1. a to raise a tax
  2. b one who agrees to buy or belong for a period of time
  3. c expenditure of capital to secure income or profit
  4. d an offer of money from one person to another
  5. e a marked differeb=nce between two things

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  1. direction or administration of the affairs of a person, business, or organization.
  2. regulations adopted by a corporation or association to govern its internal affairs
  3. basis of professional billing, either so much per hour or per identified procedure
  4. those who held intrest in a corporation
  5. the assests in money or property accumulated by individual, partnership, or corporate ownership of a business; net worth.

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  1. interstatea process of reasoning by which a fact is deduced as a logical consequence of other facts


  2. negotiated fee schedulesthe process of consideration of offers until an offer is accepted.


  3. per capita paymentpay equally according to the number of individuals


  4. Comparablea marked differeb=nce between two things


  5. capitationa means by which a group of people can unite to create an entity to do somthing impossible for members. The organization is established by filing a certification of corproation in the state where its main place of business is located.


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