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  1. impact
  2. capitation
  3. Diagnostic related groups (DRGs)
  4. risk management
  5. Discrimination
  1. a payment in a lump sum to physicians.
  2. b failure to treat all persons equally.
  3. c Related medical groups contributing thier diagnosis of the nature of a patient's disease upon which standardized fees are based.
  4. d minimizing the danger or hazard
  5. e the force of impression of some thing on a another

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  1. attempt to acheive collection agreements
  2. one who agrees to buy or belong for a period of time
  3. between two or more states
  4. benefits paid to an employee for a prior term of service after he or she stops work for that employeer
  5. make changes for the disabled.

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  1. good faiththe gains accured from business or investments after the payment of expenses


  2. facially neutraltreat all employees equally


  3. utilization reviewspayment in a lump sum to physicians.


  4. negotiated fee schedulesconduct that is against common knowledge that, by its act, without arguement, can be declared negligent


  5. disparatea marked differeb=nce between two things


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