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  1. impact
  2. mitigating
  3. collective bargaining
  4. risk management
  5. good faith
  1. a honesty of intention
  2. b the force of impression of some thing on a another
  3. c attempt to acheive collection agreements
  4. d make less severe due to considerations of fairness and mercy
  5. e minimizing the danger or hazard

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  1. a means by which a group of people can unite to create an entity to do somthing impossible for members. The organization is established by filing a certification of corproation in the state where its main place of business is located.
  2. those who held intrest in a corporation
  3. persons holding formal positions in an organization.
  4. the gains accured from business or investments after the payment of expenses
  5. expenditure of capital to secure income or profit

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  1. levymoney, services, or goods owed to some person or persons to whom one is onligated.


  2. venuethe area where the court may try a case


  3. Probable causeLikely to com about; looking forward to the future.


  4. dividendsthose elected and terminated by stockholders to management responsibility in a corporation.


  5. Capitalthe assests in money or property accumulated by individual, partnership, or corporate ownership of a business; net worth.


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