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  1. directors
  2. Conglomerate
  3. Prospective
  4. impact
  5. negligent per se
  1. a the force of impression of some thing on a another
  2. b a corporation diversifying operations by aquiring varied enterprises. A large group of corporations.
  3. c Likely to com about; looking forward to the future.
  4. d conduct that is against common knowledge that, by its act, without arguement, can be declared negligent
  5. e those elected and terminated by stockholders to management responsibility in a corporation.

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  1. Ownership of a business by one person.
  2. those who held intrest in a corporation
  3. an offer of money from one person to another
  4. basis of professional billing, either so much per hour or per identified procedure
  5. money, services, or goods owed to some person or persons to whom one is onligated.

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  1. levyto raise a tax


  2. collective bargainingattempt to acheive collection agreements


  3. mitigatingmake less severe due to considerations of fairness and mercy


  4. Discriminationpayment in a lump sum to physicians.


  5. Assestspersonal belongings and property owned by a person or, if he or she has died, by his or her estate,


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