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law, liability, and ethics for medical office professionals Test

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  1. bylaws
  2. tendered
  3. interstate
  4. venue
  5. Probable cause
  1. a the area where the court may try a case
  2. b having more evidence for than against
  3. c between two or more states
  4. d regulations adopted by a corporation or association to govern its internal affairs
  5. e an offer of money from one person to another

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  1. the representation of one thing or person similar to another.
  2. persons holding formal positions in an organization.
  3. disparate treatment or disparate impact
  4. the process of consideration of offers until an offer is accepted.
  5. covering completely

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  1. levyto raise a tax


  2. Debtsmoney, services, or goods owed to some person or persons to whom one is onligated.


  3. inferencesa process of reasoning by which a fact is deduced as a logical consequence of other facts


  4. Creditorsthose elected and terminated by stockholders to management responsibility in a corporation.


  5. subscribersone who agrees to buy or belong for a period of time


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