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  1. per capita payment
  2. bylaws
  3. investment
  4. subscribers
  5. stockholders
  1. a those who held intrest in a corporation
  2. b one who agrees to buy or belong for a period of time
  3. c expenditure of capital to secure income or profit
  4. d pay equally according to the number of individuals
  5. e regulations adopted by a corporation or association to govern its internal affairs

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  1. Related medical groups contributing thier diagnosis of the nature of a patient's disease upon which standardized fees are based.
  2. payment in a lump sum to physicians.
  3. treat all employees equally
  4. labor union or group with the same interests
  5. a group of persons together performing some business undertaking

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  1. venuemoney, services, or goods owed to some person or persons to whom one is onligated.


  2. Noticethe area where the court may try a case


  3. Discriminationpayment in a lump sum to physicians.


  4. dividendsthose elected and terminated by stockholders to management responsibility in a corporation.


  5. discrimination may be shown bydisparate treatment or disparate impact


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