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  1. quality assurance
  2. Notice
  3. Diagnostic related groups (DRGs)
  4. Forms of alternative delivery system
  5. interstate
  1. a Related medical groups contributing thier diagnosis of the nature of a patient's disease upon which standardized fees are based.
  2. b An announcement written or displayed.
  3. c between two or more states
  4. d responsibility to uphold the quality of care in patients
  5. e health maintanence organizations (HMOs) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPOs)

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  1. honesty of intention
  2. minimizing the danger or hazard
  3. labor union or group with the same interests
  4. those whom money is owed.
  5. persons holding formal positions in an organization.

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  1. directorsthose whom money is owed.


  2. disparatea marked differeb=nce between two things


  3. ProspectiveLikely to com about; looking forward to the future.


  4. negotiated fee schedulesconduct that is against common knowledge that, by its act, without arguement, can be declared negligent


  5. Comparablethe representation of one thing or person similar to another.


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