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  1. Probable cause
  2. tendered
  3. fee-for-service
  4. Debts
  1. a an offer of money from one person to another
  2. b money, services, or goods owed to some person or persons to whom one is onligated.
  3. c unit of stock giving the possessor part ownership
  4. d having more evidence for than against
  5. e basis of professional billing, either so much per hour or per identified procedure

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  1. a group of persons together performing some business undertaking
  2. process by which hospitals reviewpatient progress
  3. those who held intrest in a corporation
  4. honesty of intention
  5. personal belongings and property owned by a person or, if he or she has died, by his or her estate,

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  1. discrimination may be shown bydisparate treatment or disparate impact


  2. inferencesa process of reasoning by which a fact is deduced as a logical consequence of other facts


  3. interstatea marked differeb=nce between two things


  4. investmentexpenditure of capital to secure income or profit


  5. impactregulations adopted by a corporation or association to govern its internal affairs


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