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  1. superior
  2. flutter
  3. v1
  4. v1 - V2
  5. 25mm per second
  1. a above, toward the head
  2. b What are ectopic atrial beats called?
  3. c negative leads Qrs code shows a negative deflection
  4. d the electrode is placed in 4th intercostal space just to the right of the sternum.
  5. e standard speed for ecg recording is ________ _________ __________.

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  1. Patient prep for an ECG should includes using _______ __________ to prepare patients skin.
  2. atrial (atrium) depolarization
  4. the electrode is placed horizontal to V4 in the left anxillary line
  5. toxic drug effects that occur when digoxin is administered, - enhances automaticity --> tachyarrhythmias
    - slowed AV conduction --> AV blocks
    - PAT with block MC

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  1. timeThe horizontal line on an ecg represents?


  2. interrupted baselineWhen the tracing of an ECG drifts away from the center of the paper, also called baseline shift. (tell patient to sit still)


  3. proneAtrial depolarization


  4. internalinside, within, inner


  5. arrythmiairregular cardiac rhythm


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