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  1. Check cable connections
  2. plantar
  3. facing xray
  4. dorsal recumbent
  5. external
  1. a lying on back, knees bent and feet flat on table
  3. c Patient in APU position would be
  4. d If there is an ec recording with interruptions what should you do?
  5. e Sole of foot

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  1. lying on side
  2. Greatest deflection on ECG is the _______.
  3. atrial (atrium) depolarization
  4. The electrode is placed int he fourth intercostal space just to the left of the sternum.
  5. lying down

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  1. angiographyimaging of blood vessels


  2. lateral projectionsagittal plane of the body is parallel to the film.


  3. arrythmiaWhich type of scan uses magnets instead of radiation?


  4. elevated ST segments, inverted t waves, abnormal Q wavesThree most common changes to indicate MI are?


  5. standard leadsThe part of the xray machine that is in contact with the patient It sends high frequency sound waves and receives the sound echos from the patients body.


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