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  1. CT scan
  2. v4
  3. recumbent
  4. v5
  5. SV or sievert
  1. a lying down
  2. b Computerized, computed tomography scan
  3. c the electrode is placed in 5th intercostal space just to the left of the midclavicular line.
  4. d the electrode is placed horizontal to V4 in the left anxillary line
  5. e The international unit of radiation dose equivilent

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  1. toxic drug effects that occur when digoxin is administered, - enhances automaticity --> tachyarrhythmias
    - slowed AV conduction --> AV blocks
    - PAT with block MC
  2. Patient in APU position would be
  3. measures bone density
  4. Which wave represents repolarization?
  5. Lead I, Lead II, Lead III

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  1. c/kgThe international unit of radiation exposure


  2. fluoroscopya moving grid. also includes the film tray


  3. v2The electrode is placed horizontal to v4 in the left midaxillary line.


  4. phosphorsfluorescent crystals that give off light when exposed to x-rays


  5. diagnostic imagingA material used to fill in hollow area's.


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