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  1. angiography
  2. sonogram
  3. digitalis toxicity
  4. time
  5. bucky
  1. a a moving grid. also includes the film tray
  2. b The horizontal line on an ecg represents?
  3. c imaging of blood vessels
  4. d an image formed by an ultrasound machine
  5. e toxic drug effects that occur when digoxin is administered, - enhances automaticity --> tachyarrhythmias
    - slowed AV conduction --> AV blocks
    - PAT with block MC

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  1. The electrode is placed horizontal to v4 in the left midaxillary line.
  2. Patient prep for an ECG should includes using _______ __________ to prepare patients skin.
  3. Is and ecg an invasive procedure?
  4. heart is pumping
  5. patient movement that dislodges the electrodes

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  1. proneWhich type of scan uses magnets instead of radiation?


  2. diagnostic imagingDiagnostic imaging A noninvasive procedure using instrumentation that seeks to establish a diagnosis by observing body structure and/or function


  3. PVC (preventricular contractions)If there is an ec recording with interruptions what should you do?


  4. radiopaguefarther from the point of attachment


  5. P waveLying face down


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