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  1. rhythm strip
  2. bucky
  3. flutter
  4. 25mm per second
  5. radiopague
  1. a standard speed for ecg recording is ________ _________ __________.
  2. b dense tissue that appears white on film
  3. c What are ectopic atrial beats called?
  4. d a moving grid. also includes the film tray
  5. e Lead II on ECG

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  1. the electrode is placed in 4th intercostal space just to the right of the sternum.
  2. fluorescent crystals that give off light when exposed to x-rays
  3. heart is pumping
  4. Is skin electroactivity conductive?
  5. standing or seated

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  1. somatic tremorVoluntary or involuntary muscle movement; also known as body tremor


  2. ventral recumbentlying on side


  3. c/kgThe international unit of radiation exposure


  4. SV or sievertThe international unit of radiation dose equivilent


  5. superiorabove, toward the head


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