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  1. v5
  2. No
  3. distal
  4. proximal
  5. myelography
  1. a farther from the point of attachment
  2. b examination of the spinal cord after injection of dye
  3. c Is skin electroactivity conductive?
  4. d closer to the point of attachment
  5. e the electrode is placed horizontal to V4 in the left anxillary line

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  1. no pulse
  2. Between Right arm and left arm
  3. negative leads Qrs code shows a negative deflection
  4. Lead I, Lead II, Lead III
  5. A box-like device attached under the tube housing that allows the limited operator to vary the size of the radiation field

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  1. flutterWhat are ectopic atrial beats called?


  2. angiographyan X ray of a joint after the injection of a contrast medium


  3. elevated ST segments, inverted t waves, abnormal Q wavesThree most common changes to indicate MI are?


  4. heartIn an ecg where does the electricity come from?


  5. lateral recumbentlying on side


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