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  1. v6
  2. T wave
  3. posterior
  4. v3
  5. systole
  1. a Which wave represents repolarization?
  2. b the electrode is placed midway between v2 and v4
  3. c The electrode is placed horizontal to v4 in the left midaxillary line.
  4. d situated behind or at the back
  5. e heart is pumping

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  1. Where is SA node?
  2. pertaining to the head
  3. patient movement that dislodges the electrodes
  4. Diagnostic imaging A noninvasive procedure using instrumentation that seeks to establish a diagnosis by observing body structure and/or function
  5. contraction

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  1. holter monitora portable electrocardiograph that is worn by an ambulatory patient to continuously monitor the heart rates and rhythms over a 24-hour period


  2. Ventricular depolarizationcontraction


  3. myelographyexamination of the spinal cord after injection of dye


  4. FalseIs and ecg an invasive procedure?


  5. arrythmiairregular cardiac rhythm


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