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  1. c. The creation of intermediate sanctions
  2. d. Programs and services are provided in relatively equal proportion to individuals with suspended sentences and individuals on probation...
  3. b. Weapons offenders
  4. b. Food deprivation is necessary to control behavior
  5. c. Solitary living conditions
  1. a 15. Hallmarks to prisons in the 1960's include all the following except
    a. Power struggles between gangs and other groups
    b. Nature of inmate demands revolve around basic rights in prison
    c. Solitary living conditions
    d. Crowded living conditions, harsh rules, and poor food
  2. b 16. Which of the following statements does not characterize the reformatory at Elmira?
    a. Increase academic education for reformation
    b. Food deprivation is necessary to control behavior
    c. A goal was to reform youths
    d. A gymnasium with modern equipment and bath facilities is advocated
  3. c 19. The least represented group of offenders in state prison are:
    a. Property offenders
    b. Weapons offenders
    c. Drug offenders
    d. Violent offenders
  4. d 16. There were several events that coincided between 1975 and 1985 to create prison population boom. Which of the following is not a reason for this dramatic increase in prisoners?
    a. The War on Drugs
    b. The shift to conservative beliefs to deal with crime
    c. The creation of intermediate sanctions
    d. "baby boom" group in crime-prone age range
  5. e 1. The relationship between the suspended sentence and probation are accurately depicted in all of the following statements except:
    a. A suspended sentence does not require supervision while probation does.
    b. The practice of suspending sentences in America has, to al large extent, been replaced by probation.
    c. Probation is a form of suspended sentence.
    d. Programs and services are provided in relatively equal proportion to individuals with suspended sentences and individuals on probation.

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  1. 1. Which type of offender is least likely to be found in jail?
    a. Probationers awaiting violation hearings in jail
    b. Non-violent felons sentenced to jail
    c. Violent felons sentenced to jail
    d. Misdemeanants sentenced to jail
  2. 14. The early part of the 1950's posed particular discontent because of
    a. Hard labor
    b. Lack of professional leadership
    c. Substandard personnel
    d. Excessive overcrowding of institutions
  3. 10. The utilitarian view of retaliation argues which of the follow?
    a. Punishment has a specific beneficial and social consequence
    b. Guilt must be washed away through suffering inflicted by punishment
    c. Retaliation fulfills a religious mission
    d. Punishment resolves social discord created by the offense and re-establishes a sense of harmony through requital.
  4. 20. All of the following are examples of the reintegration model except:
    a. Therapeutic communities
    b. Cognitive intervention
    c. Reality therapy
    d. Job placement
  5. 7. The Gagnon v. Scarpelli decision governs how probation may be withdrawn from an offender. This decision created all of the following due process rules except:
    a. A written notice of the probation hearing must be given to the offender.
    b. The probationer has the right to cross-examine witnesses.
    c. The probationer has the right to legal counsel when the case is too complex for the ordinary person to comprehend the legal issues involved.
    d. The hearing is before a jury.

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  1. b. Presentence investigation report14. One main problem with sentencing is that judges have to be able to predict human behavior. A judge uses all of the flowing tools to make his or her sentencing decisions except:
    a. Intuition
    b. Presentence investigation report
    c. Research on prediction
    d. Experience


  2. a. Correctional ideology is a body of ideas and practices that pertain to the processing of offenders, as determined by law11. The Auburn prison system is characterized by the following concepts except
    a. Relatively small cells
    b. Enforced idleness
    c. Correction in behavior is found through allowing interaction among inmates
    d. Used an inside cell-design


  3. b. Adult prison facilities are overcrowded.15. As advocated by Walter C. Reckless, a presentence investigation report or PSI should include all of the following information except:
    a. Administrative policies of sentences
    b. Recommendations for sentence
    c. Objective content
    d. Subjective content


  4. d. Incapacitation13. Indeterminate sentencing is most consistent with which goal of punishment?
    a. Deterrence
    b. Rehabilitation
    c. Incapacitation
    d. Retribution


  5. c. National institute of Justice4. Several organizations have contributed the adoption of standards for jails. Which of the following is NOT one of these institutions?
    a. National Institute of Corrections
    b. American jail association
    c. National institute of Justice
    d. American correctional association


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