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  1. d. Utilitarianism
  2. d. The probationer can possess a firearm.
  3. b. Teach religious doctrine
  4. d. Attorneys' personal attributes
  5. a. The dismantling of the "fortress" type prisons
  1. a 7. The doctrine in which the aim of all action should be the greatest pleasure for the largest number of citizens is called
    a. Deterrence
    b. Penitence
    c. Rehabilitation
    d. Utilitarianism
  2. b 9. Probationers have general conditions of probation they must meet. Which of the following conditions is NOT a general condition of probation?
    a. The probationer must remain drug free.
    b. The probationer cannot leave the jurisdiction with court approval.
    c. The probationer must pay probation fees.
    d. The probationer can possess a firearm.
  3. c 16. The general treatment model has all of the following goals except which listed below?
    a. Motivates inmates toward law-abiding behavior
    b. Teach religious doctrine
    c. Lessens criminal inclinations
    d. Lessens criminal behavior
  4. d 12. The following factors are generally taken into account when prosecutors determine whether or not to dismiss a case from the court system except:
    a. Harm done to victim
    b. Research on sentencing
    c. Case's strength
    d. Attorneys' personal attributes
  5. e 13. The period of transition, from 1935 to 1960, was marked by all the following except
    a. The dismantling of the "fortress" type prisons
    b. Effort to rehabilitate offenders
    c. The first Supermax prison in America
    d. The federal Bureau of Prisons became a national leader in corrections

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  1. 8. Probation is characterized by all of the following statements except:
    a. Probation is not a sanction of confinement
    b. The correctional system is given sole responsibility to supervise probationers.
    c. Probation is characterized by conditions imposed on the offender that governs release into the community
    d. Recent developments in technology have increased the ability to monitor probationers' behavior.
  2. 19. The least represented group of offenders in state prison are:
    a. Property offenders
    b. Weapons offenders
    c. Drug offenders
    d. Violent offenders
  3. 18. General goals of ISP; include all of the following statements except:
    a. Increase incapacitation over that of incarceration.
    b. Divert offenders from prison.
    c. Ensure public safety.
    d. Reduce recidivism.
  4. 7. The most common way to control the use and transportation of contraband is through which of the following procedures?
    a. Body cavity searches
    b. Shakedowns
    c. Frisk search
    d. Strip search
  5. 9. What is a sally port?
    a. A derogatory term for an inmate.
    b. A double gate that control all transportation in and out of the prison perimeter.
    c. The main entrance door to a prison
    d. The mess hall

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  1. d. Transportation8. Gang affiliations in prison are centered on all of the following inmate characteristics except:
    a. Antisocial behavior
    b. Race
    c. Ethnicity
    d. Prisonization


  2. a. Private presentence reports4. The Presentence Investigation Report generally includes all of the following information except:
    a. Private presentence reports
    b. Plan of supervision
    c. Past criminal information
    d. Level of risk of the offender


  3. c. In the Walnut Street Jail4. The first American institution exclusively dedicated to the correction of felons was
    a. In hulks
    b. An abandoned copper mine in Simsbury, Connecticut
    c. In the Walnut Street Jail
    d. In Gaols


  4. d. Pretrial alternatives are more expensive than incarceration in jail.1. Which type of offender is least likely to be found in jail?
    a. Probationers awaiting violation hearings in jail
    b. Non-violent felons sentenced to jail
    c. Violent felons sentenced to jail
    d. Misdemeanants sentenced to jail


  5. b. Rehabilitation9. The punishment of banishment was replaced by all the following except
    a. Imprisonment
    b. Penal servitude
    c. Capital punishment
    d. Transportation


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