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  1. Which of the following is not a pyrimidine?
    A. Uracil
    B. Adenine
    C. Thymine
    D. Cytosine
    E. All of these are pyrimidines
  2. Which is not true about enzymes?
    A. Found in all cells
    B. Are catalysts
    C. Participate in the cell's chemical reactions
    D. Can be denaturated by heat and other agents
    E. Have high-energy bonds between phosphates
  3. Most biochemical macromolecules are polymers, which are
    A. Chains of hydrophobic molecules
    B. Chains of electrolytic molecules
    C. Chains of repeating monomers
    D. Chains of repeating carbohydrates
    E. Chains of hydrogen bonds
  4. The lipid group that is the major component of cell membranes are the
    A. Prostaglandins
    B. Waxes
    C. Phospholipids
    D. Steroids
    E. Triglycerides
  5. Which of the following functional groups is mismatched to the organic compound?
    A. Phosphate-carbohydrates
    B. Sulfhydryl-proteins
    C. Amino-proteins
    D. Hydroxyl-alcohols
    E. Carboxyl-fatty acids
  1. a C. Chains of repeating monomers
  2. b C. Phospholipids
  3. c B. Adenine
  4. d E. Have high-energy bonds between phosphates
  5. e A. Phosphate-carbohydrates

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  1. A. Carbon
  2. E. Triglycerides
  3. E. Dehydration synthesis
  4. A. Fatty acids
  5. D. The energy of molecule of cells

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  1. A solution of pH 7 compared to a solution of pH 9
    A. Is more basic
    B. Has no OH- ions
    C. Has more H+ ions
    D. Has a higher pH
    E. All of the choices are correct
    D. 100 times more acidic


  2. All of the following are lipids except
    A. Cholesterol
    B. Starch
    C. Phospholipid
    D. Wax
    E. Triglyceride
    B. Starch


  3. Purines and pyrimidines are components in the building block units of all
    A. Nucleic acids
    B. Carbohydrates
    C. Polysaccharides
    D. Amino acids
    E. Enzymes
    A. Nucleic acids


  4. Starch is the primary storage food for all of the following except
    A. Green plants
    B. Algae
    C. Animals
    D. Some fungi
    E. All of these store food as starch
    E. A nitrogen base


  5. Which pertains to DNA but not to RNA?
    A. Contains ribose
    B. Contains adenine
    C. Contains thymine
    D. Contains uracil
    E. Contains nucleotides
    C. Contains thymine


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