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  1. inimitable
  2. quaint
  3. prescribe
  4. browse
  5. dynamic
  1. a to order as a rule or course to be followed; to order for medical purposes.
  2. b to nibble, graze; to read casually; to window-shop.
  3. c not capable or being copied or imitated.
  4. d active, energetic, forceful.
  5. e odd or old-fashion in a pleasing way; clever, ingenious; skillfully made.

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  1. to handle very economically or stingily; to supply in a way that is small, short, or scanty.
  2. to root our, get rid of, dstoy completely.
  3. unwilling, holding back.
  4. stirn, merciless; fearce, savage, cruel.
  5. to prevent from accomplishing a purpose or fulfilling a desire; to cause feelings or discouragement.

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  1. utmostgreatest, highest, fartherst; to the extreme limit.


  2. makeshiftgreatest, highest, fartherst; to the extreme limit.


  3. vengencepunish in return for an injury or a wrong; unusual force or violence.


  4. pendingwaiting to be settled; until.


  5. marginalwaiting to be settled; until.


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