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Soc 511 Midterm Review Test

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  1. Mass Incarceration
  2. Miranda v. Arizona
  3. Public Defender
  4. Adversary Process
  5. War on Crime
  1. a The accused must be notified of their rights before being questioned by the police
  2. b the method courts use to resolve disputes. through this process each side in a dispute has the right to present its case persuasively, subject to the rules of evidence, and an independent fact finder, either judge or jury, decides in favor of one side or the other
  3. c extremely high rates of imprisonment, particularly of African American males
  4. d 1950s, political campaign, decreased last 30 years
  5. e An attorney employed by the government to represent criminal defenders who cannot afford to pay for a lawyer.

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  1. evidence that justifies an officer in stopping and questioning an individual believed to be involved in criminal activity
  2. a distinct set of values beliefs and behaviors deemed acceptable within the law enforcement professions (authority, danger, social isolation and efficiency)
  3. An annual FBI publication that summarizes the incidence and rate of reported crimes throughout the United States.
  4. What act was enacted with the goal of assisting local governments in reducing the incidence of crime by increasing the effectiveness, fairness, and coordination of law enforcement and the criminal justice system.
  5. The body of law enacted by legislative bodies (as opposed to constitutional law, administrative law, or case law).

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  1. Misdemeanorsthe situation of having been charged with a crime


  2. Federalisma serious crime (such as murder or arson)


  3. Courtroom Work Group1950s, political campaign, decreased last 30 years


  4. Legal GuiltDeals with the issue of whether the defendant is actually responsible for the crime of which he or she stands accused.


  5. Equal Protection Clause(law) evidence sufficient to warrant an arrest or search and seizure


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