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  1. Stream of the Black Pond by who?
  2. American Modern painting by Bierstadt?
  3. A Prince of Saxony painted by who?
  4. Italian Renaissance painting by Mantegna?
  5. American 20th Century painting by O'Keeffe?
  1. a Courbet
  2. b Sunrise, Yosemite Valley
  3. c Series I - No. 1
  4. d Cranach
  5. e Portrait of a Man

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  1. The Dutch Man-of-War "De Gouden Leeuw" on the River Y near Amsterdam
  2. Stubbs
  3. The Witches
  4. Derain
  5. Boilly

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  1. Big Momma's Room by who?Huckaby


  2. Italian Baroque painting by Reni?Saint Joseph and the Christ Child


  3. Rue Ravignan, Paris by who?Rolshoven


  4. Still Life of Flowers in a Glass Vasevan der Ast


  5. Portrait of the Dwarf Michol by who?de Miranda


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