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  1. French Baroque painting by Watteau?
  2. German Modern painting by Friedrich?
  3. French Baroque painting by Oudry?
  4. The Dutch Man-of-War "De Gouden Leeuw" on the River Y near Amsterdam by who?
  5. Chloe and Sam by who?
  1. a A Mountain Peak with Drifting Clouds
  2. b Allegory of Europe
  3. c Hovenden
  4. d Bakhuysen
  5. e Heureux age! Age d'or (Happy Age! Golden Age)

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  1. O'Keeffe
  2. Expectation
  3. Musical Party in a Garden
  4. Derain
  5. Indian Family with Travois

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  1. What color would an artist add to a bright blue paint to make it look dull and gray?orange


  2. American Modern painting by Bierstadt?Sunrise, Yosemite Valley


  3. Children in a Garden (The Nurse) by who?Passeri


  4. Still Life of Flowers in a Glass Vasevan der Ast


  5. Dutch Baroque painting by van Breen?Allegory of Europe


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