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  1. American Modern painting by Hovenden?
  2. French Modern painting by Courbet?
  3. Sunrise, Yosemite Valley by who?
  4. The Greography Lesson painted by who?
  5. Water Lilies by who?
  1. a Chloe and Sam
  2. b Boilly
  3. c Stream of the Black Pond
  4. d Bierstadt
  5. e Monet

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  1. Jean-Louis Buisson-Boissier
  2. Pink Cyclamen
  3. Viacito in White
  4. Big Momma's Room
  5. Friedrich

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  1. The Nativity by who?Murillo


  2. (Carl) Boy in Blue Overalls by who?Henri


  3. Saint Joseph and the Christ Child by who?Courbet


  4. American Modern painting by Cassatt?Children in a Garden (The Nurse)


  5. Portrait of the Dwarf Michol by who?Courbet


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