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  1. American 20th Century painting by Takayama?
  2. German Renaissance painting by Cranach?
  3. Italian Renaissance painting by Bordone?
  4. Virgin and Child painted by who?
  5. British Modern painting by Romney?
  1. a Lady Hamilton
  2. b A Prince of Saxony
  3. c Salome Given the Head of St. John the Baptist by Herod
  4. d van der Weyden
  5. e Expectation

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  1. Still Life of Flowers in a Glass Vase
  2. Jean-Louis Buisson-Boissier
  3. Indian Family with Travois
  4. Liotard
  5. Mantegna

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  1. Flemish Renaissance painting by Mor?Salome Given the Head of St. John the Baptist by Herod


  2. Saint Joseph and the Christ Child by who?Picasso


  3. A Prince of Saxony painted by who?Mantegna


  4. Portrait of Alessandro Farnese painted by who?Cranach


  5. Big Momma's Room by who?Hovenden


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