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  1. Dutch Baroque painting by van Breen?
  2. Lady Hamilton by who?
  3. The Turning Road, L'Estaque by who?
  4. French Baroque painting by Watteau?
  5. American 20th Century painting by Huckaby?
  1. a Heureux age! Age d'or (Happy Age! Golden Age)
  2. b Derain
  3. c Skating on the Frozen Amstel River
  4. d Big Momma's Room
  5. e Romney

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  1. The Geography Lesson
  2. Viacito in White
  3. Friedrich
  4. Kloss
  5. Indian Family with Travois

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  1. French 20th Century painting by Derain?The Turning Road, L'Estaque


  2. Virgin and Child painted by who?van der Weyden


  3. Stream of the Black Pond by who?Courbet


  4. Still Life of Flowers in a Glass Vasevan der Ast


  5. French 20th Century painting by Monet?Water Lilies


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