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  1. Italian Renaissance painting by da Empoli?
  2. French Baroque painting by Watteau?
  3. A Mountain Peak with Drifting Clouds by who?
  4. French Modern painting by Boilly?
  5. Jean-Louis Buisson-Boissier by who?
  1. a Heureux age! Age d'or (Happy Age! Golden Age)
  2. b Liotard
  3. c Friedrich
  4. d The Geography Lesson
  5. e Three Maries at the Tomb

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  1. British
  2. Children in a Garden (The Nurse)
  3. Viacito in White
  4. Hobbema
  5. Huckaby

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  1. Saint Joseph and the Christ Child by who?de Miranda


  2. Lady Hamilton by who?Romney


  3. Street Scene in Tunis by who?O'Keeffe


  4. In which of these works are the artist's brushstrokes hardest to see? a. Still Life of Flowers in a Glass Vase b. The Turning Road, L'Estaque c. Selim and Zuleika d. Series I - No. 1a


  5. Heureux age! Age d'or (Happy Age! Golden Age) by who?Boilly


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