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  1. Street Scene in Tunis by who?
  2. Jean-Louis Buisson-Boissier by who?
  3. Children in a Garden (The Nurse) by who?
  4. In which of these works are the artist's brushstrokes hardest to see? a. Still Life of Flowers in a Glass Vase b. The Turning Road, L'Estaque c. Selim and Zuleika d. Series I - No. 1
  5. American Modern painting by McEwen?
  1. a Rolshoven
  2. b Liotard
  3. c Cassatt
  4. d a
  5. e The Witches

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  1. A Mountain Peak with Drifting Clouds
  2. The Geography Lesson
  3. Expectation
  4. Heureux age! Age d'or (Happy Age! Golden Age)
  5. Luce

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  1. Skating on the Frozen Amstel River painted by who?Boilly


  2. Italian Baroque painting by Passeri?Musical Party in a Garden


  3. American 20th Century painting by Henri?Big Momma's Room


  4. Portrait of Alessandro Farnese painted by who?Mor


  5. Still Life of Flowers in a Glass Vasevan der Ast


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