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  1. a long series of wars between Christians and Musilems
  2. the war to get rid of the moors by the Christian rulers
  3. used to remove Jews and Moors from Spain, but most of people killed were merchants
  4. Figure behind investiture contreversy, battles with Henry IV, Dictatus Papai- "papal wishlist"
  5. A body of officials who perform religious services, such as priests, ministers or rabbis.
  6. exclude from a church or a religious community

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  1. Emperor Henry IVthe holy roman emperor


  2. Holy Landthe leader of the musilem forses


  3. King Richard Ipeople who belonged to religous orders but lived and worked among the general public


  4. hundred years warWar between England and France. France wins and develops strong national feeling.


  5. religious ordera brotherhood or sisterhood of monks, nuns or friars


  6. black deathLaw court staffed by nobles that could register or refuse to register a king's edict.


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