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  1. conflict(stng)
  2. essay
  3. consonance
  4. style
  5. complications/ rising action
  1. a Character tries to solve or deal with conflict, but ends up creating more problems
  2. b the repetition of consonant sounds within or at the end of words
  3. c character vs. setting
  4. d refers to the way a particular piece of literature is written
  5. e relatively short piece of writing on a single subject

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  1. give objective, unbiased accounts of current events
  2. present or explain info and ideas
  3. complex and developed
  4. an "I" tells the story
  5. more direct comparison, not using "like" or "as"

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  1. dramatic ironyuse of the same word/phrase more than once


  2. external conflicta conflict that occurs within a character's heart or mind


  3. dictiona literary work that is mostly made up but has some element of truth


  4. 3rd person omniscenta narrator observes one character


  5. internal rhymethe use of rhyming words within a line


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