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  1. informative article
  2. 1st person
  3. style
  4. conflict(stng)
  5. parallelism
  1. a an "I" tells the story
  2. b use of similar grammatical structures
  3. c provides fact about a specific subject
  4. d refers to the way a particular piece of literature is written
  5. e character vs. setting

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  1. a writers account of another person's life
  2. complex and developed
  3. personal setting reveals a character's personalities
  4. appear in magazines and newspapers, focus on people or events
  5. kinds of sentences used/ variety

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  1. 3rd person limitedan "I" tells the story


  2. repetitionword choice


  3. complications/ rising actionwhere all loose ends are tied up


  4. dramatic ironythe audience knows something that a character doesn't


  5. mood/atmospherethe use of words that sound like what they refer to


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