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  1. consonance
  2. internal rhyme
  3. complications/ rising action
  4. internal conflict
  5. dramatic irony
  1. a the repetition of consonant sounds within or at the end of words
  2. b Character tries to solve or deal with conflict, but ends up creating more problems
  3. c the use of rhyming words within a line
  4. d a conflict that occurs within a character's heart or mind
  5. e the audience knows something that a character doesn't

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  1. makes the audience feel a certain way
  2. express writer's thoughts and feelings about subjects
  3. relatively short piece of writing on a single subject
  4. use of the same word/phrase more than once
  5. the attribution of human qualities to an object, animal, or idea

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  1. metaphorwhere/when story takes place


  2. rhyme schemethe pattern of end rhymes in a poem


  3. themelikeness of sounds at the ends of words


  4. verbal ironythe audience knows something that a character doesn't


  5. persuasivepresent arguments and attempt to convince reader to adopt particular points of view


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