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  1. external conflict
  2. diction
  3. flat character
  4. dynamic character
  5. sentence structure
  1. a simple and less well developed
  2. b a conflict between a character and something outside of that character
  3. c kinds of sentences used/ variety
  4. d word choice
  5. e changes in the story

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  1. author hints or shows what a character is like and the reader must figure out what the character is like
  2. all-knowing , god-like character observes multiple character
  3. use of similar grammatical structures
  4. the use of rhyming words within a line
  5. most exciting moment where outcome is revealed

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  1. 3rd person limiteda narrator observes one character


  2. expositoryuse of the same word/phrase more than once


  3. direct characterizationauthor tells audience exactly what character is like


  4. stylerefers to the way a particular piece of literature is written


  5. similerefers to the way a particular piece of literature is written


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