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  1. What was the cottage industry
  2. What was the impact of the Steam Engine, Steam Boat, better roads and locomotives have on the transportation industry?
  3. What was strip farming?
  4. Why did the Industrial Revolution start in Great Britain?
  5. What did the Flying Shuttle, Spinning Mule, Spinning Jenny, Water frame and power loom have on the textile industry?
  1. a Led to the rise of factories because the new machines were too big for homes so the cottage industry came to an end; factories were located by water for power, factories attracted poor unskilled labors
  2. b cheaper transportation, created lots of jobs for railroad workers and miners, boosted agricultural and fishing industries and people traveled more
  3. c home-based production of textile / cloth and other goods
    workers received raw materials from merchants, took the raw materials home and did whatever was required to be done and then returned the finished product
  4. d when the fields were divided into small strips and each farmer owned a certain number of strips and all had to plant and harvest at the same time
  5. e Britain had all of the necessary factors of production and a stable political and social conditions that supported economic growth

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  1. farming was done together and everyone helped one another
  2. The steam engine- was able to located factories anywhere because a boiler would heat the water into steam with a fire fueled by coal
  3. life was centered around farming, people were self-sufficient and grew their own food, people never travelled more than 25 miles from home because transportation was SLOW
  4. Corn and potato
  5. Natural Resources; large supply of coal, iron, and water power; many rivers for inland transportation

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  1. Factor of Production: LaborHuman Resources; large number of available workers


  2. What was Crop Rotation?a piece of land that was planted with different crops in succession so that now Farmers could farm all 4 fields at once instead of leaving one in fallow


  3. Why was there a need for coal and iron?Iron was used for farming tools, new factory machinery and railways and the steam engine was powered by coal


  4. What are factors of production?the resources that are needed to produce goods and services, Land, Labor and Capital


  5. What did Edmund Cartwright invent?The Powerloom-used water power and help to mechanize the production of cloth.


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