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  1. (Skinner, Pavola, Watson)
    About assocation
    Problem may be fear
    Treatment may be relaxation technique, finding a new association to the problem
  2. Clinical, Industrial, Academic, Private Pratice, Schools, Other
  3. Source could be genetic, structural.....
    Could be changes in nurons
    solutions could be medications, surgery....
  4. not, one, different perspectives

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  1. (Approaches/Perspectives) CognitiveThe way we think
    Panic disorder, uncontrollable attacks


  2. ______% Clinical,______% Industrial, ______% Academic, ______% Private Pratice, ______% Schools, ______% Otherpsychologist, feilds


  3. (Approaches/Perspectives) PsychodynamicSUBCONEIOUS
    Cause of problems is underneath the surface and needs to be brought to the surface
    Treatment: Address at the concious level, talk about it.


  4. (Approaches/Perspectives) Socioculturalhow enviroments effect you (genetic reasoning)


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