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  1. work in... schools, bussiness/marketing, private pratice, human resources, entraprunship, military, anything that deals with how the mind works (studing people)
  2. Source could be genetic, structural.....
    Could be changes in nurons
    solutions could be medications, surgery....
  3. 24%, 12%, 34%, 22%, 4%, 4%
  4. The way we think
    Panic disorder, uncontrollable attacks

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  1. (Approaches/Perspectives) HumanisticYou have the potiential to solve most of your own problems
    Posotive psychology-placebo making someone believe they are taking a pill that can help them but it instead is just water


  2. Psychologist work settings?Clinical, Industrial, Academic, Private Pratice, Schools, Other


  3. Most psychologist are acclect to _______ confine to _______ view but use many __________ __________.not, one, different perspectives


  4. (Approaches/Perspectives) Evolutionarywhy behaviors have developed


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