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  1. appearance is to blame for crime
  2. view criminal behavior as the result of class conflict
  3. criminal who commits multiple offenses and is considered part of a small group of wrongdoers who are responsible for a majority of the antisocial activity in any given community
  4. the publication in which the FBI reports crime data
  5. certain people and places are more likely to be subject to criminal activity because of past victimization
  6. proposition that can be tested by researchers or observers to determine if it is valid.

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  1. Learning theory (social process)delinquents and criminals must be taught both the practical and emotional skills necessary to participate in illegal activity.


  2. 3 measurements of how the UCR reports crime datanumber of persons arrested, number of crimes reported by victims/witnesses/police, and number of officers and support law enforcement specialists


  3. Social Disorganization Theoryview criminal behavior as the result of class conflict


  4. victimologythe choice of committing a crime. criminal weighs the consequences of committing the crime or not.


  5. Part II offenses according to UCRSerious, frequent crimes that are reported by the FBI annually to give an idea of the "crime picture" in the U.S.


  6. choice theoryappearance is to blame for crime


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