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  1. the oral groove found in cilitates is called a
  2. which is the most important bacteria ecologically?
  3. A spherical shape of bacteria
  4. ________ is found in the walls of ________
  5. bacteria with the metabolic diversity that uses inorganic chemicals with co2
  1. a chemoautotroph
  2. b gullet
  3. c nitrogen fixating bacteria
  4. d peptidoglycan; Eubacteria
  5. e Coccus

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  1. karyogamy
  2. thermophile
  3. peptidoglycan
  4. coenocytic
  5. chytridiomycota

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  1. what mode of nutrition does fungi useeubacteria


  2. Brown algae use this to hold on to the Rocky shoreshold-fast


  3. An extra cell wall layer that can protect the bacteria from extreme environmentscell wall


  4. Movement towards a response such as light, chemicals, or magnetstaxis


  5. The fusion of cytoplasm is called what?pseudopodia


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