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  1. which bacteria is the most responsible for human disease?
  2. class of fungi with sporangea
  3. A ___________ is a salt-lover
  4. What structure do plant, animal and bacteria cells share?
  5. Brown algae use this to hold on to the Rocky shores
  1. a zygomycota
  2. b halophile
  3. c hold-fast
  4. d parasitic chemoheterotroph
  5. e cell wall

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  1. photoautotroph
  2. faculatative anaerobe
  3. absorption
  4. phagocytizing
  5. Coccus

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  1. what mode of nutrition does fungi useeubacteria


  2. The theory that prokaryote is similar to miochondria and chloroplasts is calledgullet


  3. which bacteria is more harmful? gram - or gram +photoautotroph


  4. fungi walls are made up of what?spirillum


  5. For a _____ _______ oxygen is poisonousObligate anaerobe


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