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  1. class of fungi with sporangea
  2. The fake foot of the amoeba is called the
  3. Brown algae use this to hold on to the Rocky shores
  4. Needs Oxygen for repiration
  5. A ___________ is a heat lover
  1. a pseudopodia
  2. b obligate aerobe
  3. c thermophile
  4. d zygomycota
  5. e hold-fast

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  1. saprobe
  2. ascomycota
  3. zygomycota
  4. parasitic chemoheterotroph
  5. chemoautotroph

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  1. The theory that prokaryote is similar to miochondria and chloroplasts is calledgullet


  2. What structure do plant, animal and bacteria cells share?nitrogen fixating bacteria


  3. An extra cell wall layer that can protect the bacteria from extreme environmentscell wall


  4. A ___________ is a salt-loverthermophile


  5. Movement towards a response such as light, chemicals, or magnetstaxis


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