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  1. A ___________ is a salt-lover
  2. To engulf prey is called
  3. which is the most important bacteria ecologically?
  4. Needs Oxygen for repiration
  5. An extra cell wall layer that can protect the bacteria from extreme environments
  1. a halophile
  2. b phagocytizing
  3. c Endospore
  4. d obligate aerobe
  5. e nitrogen fixating bacteria

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  1. Coccus
  2. heterotrophic
  3. mutualism
  4. gram -
  5. chemoautotroph

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  1. ________ is found in the walls of ________peptidoglycan; Eubacteria


  2. life cycle where the nucli is fusedkaryogamy


  3. What structure do plant, animal and bacteria cells share?nitrogen fixating bacteria


  4. which bacteria is the most responsible for human disease?parasitic chemoheterotroph


  5. The fusion of cytoplasm is called what?plasmogamy


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