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  1. For a _____ _______ oxygen is poisonous
  2. To engulf prey is called
  3. life cycle where the nucli is fused
  4. What structure do plant, animal and bacteria cells share?
  5. ________ is found in the walls of ________
  1. a karyogamy
  2. b peptidoglycan; Eubacteria
  3. c phagocytizing
  4. d cell wall
  5. e Obligate anaerobe

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  1. cyanobacteria
  2. obligate aerobe
  3. photoautotroph
  4. hold-fast
  5. bacillus

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  1. A ___________ is a heat loverhalophile


  2. lichen and mycorrhizae have what symbiotic relations with other species?hold-fast


  3. Movement towards a response such as light, chemicals, or magnetstaxis


  4. An extra cell wall layer that can protect the bacteria from extreme environmentsEndospore


  5. A spherical shape of bacteriaspirillum


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