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  1. classification with conida as spore
  2. which is the most important bacteria ecologically?
  3. Black mold is classified as
  4. bacteria with the metabolic diversity that uses inorganic chemicals with co2
  5. Brown algae use this to hold on to the Rocky shores
  1. a chemoautotroph
  2. b zygomycota
  3. c hold-fast
  4. d nitrogen fixating bacteria
  5. e ascomycota

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  1. faculatative anaerobe
  2. thermophile
  3. photoheterotrophs
  4. cell wall
  5. gram -

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  1. the oral groove found in cilitates is called agullet


  2. The fusion of cytoplasm is called what?plasmogamy


  3. Cell type of protista isbacillus


  4. life cycle where the nucli is fusedkaryogamy


  5. For a _____ _______ oxygen is poisonousObligate anaerobe


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