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  1. What is a sphere shaped Bacteria called
  2. cyano bacteria is an example of
  3. what is an elongated sphere called
  4. what is a rod shaped bacteria called
  1. a cocci
  2. b cocobacillus
  3. c photoautotrophs
  4. d bacilli

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  1. chemoheterotrophs
  2. archaebacteria
  3. chemoautotrophs
  4. chemoautotrophs
  5. parasites

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  1. what is a line of cocci calledstreptobacilli


  2. prokaryotes lack a _______nucleus


  3. what is a spiral shaped bacteria calledcocci


  4. what oxidizes carbon dioxide and produces methane?methanogens


  5. what is the process called that converts nitrogen into ammoniumnitrogen fixation


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