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  1. what is a whip like structure used for motility called
  2. which kingdom does not contain peptidoglycan in its walls
  3. prokaryotes have p______
  4. what is the process called that converts nitrogen into ammonium
  5. what is a rod shaped bacteria called
  1. a plasmids
  2. b bacilli
  3. c flagella
  4. d archaebacteria
  5. e nitrogen fixation

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  1. chemoautotrophs
  2. parlisades
  3. chemoheterotrophs
  4. nucleus
  5. prokaryotes

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  1. what is a line of rods calledstreptococcus


  2. what decomposes and absorbs nutrients from dead and decaying mattermethanogens


  3. what metabolic diversity uses light energy and organic compounds to make energychemoheterotrophs


  4. what color is a gram - stain?red


  5. what color is a gram + stain?red


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