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  1. which fungi produces spores?
  2. which class of fungi has flagella
  3. what is it called when there are no cell walls in the hyphae?
  4. what is it called with the mycellium have cell walls?
  5. 4th class of fungi
  1. a Basidiomycota
  2. b chytridiomycota
  3. c septate
  4. d asomycota
  5. e coenocytic

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  1. saccharomyces
  2. ascomycota
  3. conidia
  4. the exchange of minerals between plants and fungi
  5. yeast

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  1. what is an evolutionary adaptation that allows fungi to trap and prey on animals?haustoria


  2. an example of mold ispenicillium


  3. what is another name for club fungiclub fungi


  4. what is the name of the yeast that can infect a human?candida


  5. what is a brush-like mold calledpenicillium


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