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  1. when the cytoplasm is fused but the nuclei are still separate it is in what stage
  2. what is a unicellular fungi that inhabits moist habitats
  3. ascomycota fungi are also known as
  4. mushrooms are what kind of fungi?
  5. what is an ecological benefit from fungi
  1. a basidiomycota
  2. b heterokaryotic
  3. c decomposers
  4. d sac fungi
  5. e yeast

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  1. plasmogamy
  2. mycorrhizae
  3. chytridiomycota
  4. basidiomycota
  5. ascomycota

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  1. 4th class of fungiBasidiomycota


  2. What do hyphae formmycellium


  3. 2nd class of fungizygomycota


  4. what are mycellium made up ofair pollution


  5. what are pathogenic fungi _______ and ______zygomycota


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