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  1. neomycin
  2. Quinolones and fluoroquinolones
  3. aminoglycosides
  4. salvarsan
  5. streptogramins
  1. a intestinal infections; broad spectrum; ointments
  2. b first modern synthetic antimicrobial agent; Hata and Ehrlich; arshphenamine; used against syphilis
  3. c block DNA synthesis in bacteria; broad spectrum; urinary tract infections; ex. ciprofloxacin, nofloxacin
  4. d attach to bacterial ribosomes blocking translation of RNA into proteins
  5. e alternative for vancomycin resistant bacteria; used against staphylococcus aureus and respiratory pathogens

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  1. concentration of a drug that eliminates pathogens in the host
  2. tube dilution method, agar disk diffusion
  3. reisolated and purified penicillin for use as an antimicrobial drug
  4. mix of bacitracin, polymyxin; and neomycin
  5. increase membrane permeability of gram negative bacteria; topical use

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  1. antibioticsinhibits the peptide crosslinking of carbohydrates between peptidoglycan layers during wall formation


  2. semisynthetic drugsdrug synthesized in the pharmaceutical lab; like prontosil and salvarsan


  3. clyndamycinderived from a lincosamide; used against penicillin resistant bacteria; typically kills microbiota causing pseudomembranous colitis


  4. cephalosporinsbroader spectrum alternative to penicillins; gram positive and gram negative; resistant to many beta lactamases; cefixime


  5. efficacyability to produce the necessary or desired result


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