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  1. cephalosporins
  2. streptomycin
  3. active export of antibiotics
  4. chemotherapeutic agents
  5. macrolides
  1. a broader spectrum alternative to penicillins; gram positive and gram negative; resistant to many beta lactamases; cefixime
  2. b bacteria may evolve the ability to prevent drug entry into the cytoplasm or to pump the drug out of the cytoplasm
  3. c used against gram positive; alternative to penicillin; erythromycin blocks protein synthesis by inhibiting chain elongation (ZPAC-azithromycin)
  4. d used to treat infections, diseases, and other disorders such as cancer
  5. e broad spectrum; used for tb; can cause auditory damage

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  1. resistance to sulfonamides may develop if the bacterial enzyme changes or if the bacteria evolves an alternate metabolic pathway
  2. attach to bacterial ribosomes blocking translation of RNA into proteins
  3. used against a variety of bacteria and rickettsiae and fungi; interferes with the peptide bond formation; meningitis, cholera, typhoid fever, rocky mountain spotted fever; can cause aplastic anemia or gray syndrome
  4. range of pathogens to which a certain drug will work
  5. accidentally discovered penicillium mold; discovered it could kill some gram positive bacteria

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  1. bacitracinpolypeptide antibiotic; interferes with transport of cell wall precursors through the cell membrane; toxic internally so used topically


  2. polymyxinsincrease membrane permeability of gram negative bacteria; topical use


  3. antibiotic resistance testtube dilution method, agar disk diffusion


  4. streptograminsbroad spectrum; used for tb; can cause auditory damage


  5. neomycinkills bacteria in the intestines; inhibits cell wall synthesis but drug of last resort because it can cause damage to ears and kidneys; is resisted by enterococcus


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