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  1. therapeutic dose
  2. chemotherapeutic agents
  3. antibiotics
  4. toxic dose
  5. antimicrobial agents
  1. a drugs derived from the metabolism of living microorganisms; work to kill or inhibit living organisms
  2. b chemotherapeutic drugs used to treat infectious disease
  3. c concentration of a drug that causes harm to the host
  4. d concentration of a drug that eliminates pathogens in the host
  5. e used to treat infections, diseases, and other disorders such as cancer

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  1. says that antimicrobial agent should harm the the infectious agent but not the host
  2. intestinal infections; broad spectrum; ointments
  3. ability to produce the necessary or desired result
  4. broader spectrum alternative to penicillins; gram positive and gram negative; resistant to many beta lactamases; cefixime
  5. tube dilution method, agar disk diffusion

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  1. ethambutolinhibits mycolic acid from being incorporated into the cell wall in mycobacteria; narrow spectrum; combined with rifampin and isoniazid


  2. Isoniazidmix of bacitracin, polymyxin; and neomycin


  3. antibiotic inactivationtube dilution method, agar disk diffusion


  4. Paul Ehrlichhistory of chemotherapy originated with this man; came up with concept of selective toxicity


  5. streptomycinintestinal infections; broad spectrum; ointments


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