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  1. tetracyclines
  2. monobactams
  3. streptogramins
  4. therapeutic dose
  5. active export of antibiotics
  1. a active against aerobic, gram negative rods; narrow spectrum; low toxicity; used for noscomial diseases and bacterial meningitis
  2. b bacteria may evolve the ability to prevent drug entry into the cytoplasm or to pump the drug out of the cytoplasm
  3. c concentration of a drug that eliminates pathogens in the host
  4. d broad spectrum including chlamydias and rickettsais; destroy intestinal microbiota and cause staining of teeth; bind with calcium; put in animal feed
  5. e alternative for vancomycin resistant bacteria; used against staphylococcus aureus and respiratory pathogens

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  1. used in wound tissue
  2. says that antimicrobial agent should harm the the infectious agent but not the host
  3. attach to bacterial ribosomes blocking translation of RNA into proteins
  4. bacteria evolve changes in drug targets like ribosomes or enzymes involved in replication
  5. used against a variety of bacteria and rickettsiae and fungi; interferes with the peptide bond formation; meningitis, cholera, typhoid fever, rocky mountain spotted fever; can cause aplastic anemia or gray syndrome

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  1. antimicrobial spectrumrange of pathogens to which a certain drug will work


  2. antibiotic resistance testtube dilution method, agar disk diffusion


  3. salvarsanfirst modern synthetic antimicrobial agent; Hata and Ehrlich; arshphenamine; used against syphilis


  4. cephalosporinsmix of bacitracin, polymyxin; and neomycin


  5. penicillinaseinactivates penicillin by opening the beta lactam ring


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