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  1. Auditory hallucinations, delusions, and thought disturbances are characteristics of
  2. orex/o
  3. A chronic depression that lasts for years but does not warrant a diagnosis of depression may be termed_______
  4. patients who have a loss of energy,pleasure,and interest in life may be experiencing_______
  5. A normal psychological impulse drive associated with sensuality,expressions of desire,or creativity is
  1. a appetite
  2. b libido
  3. c dysthymia
  4. d schizophrenia
  5. e depressive disorder

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  1. cyclothymia
  2. parasomnia
  3. post traumatic
  4. anxiety
  5. attraction

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  1. Patient who are compelled to have repetitive thoughts or repeat specific rituals may have a diagnose of_____dissociative identity disorder


  2. ped/ochild


  3. claustr/oa closing


  4. What is the health care term for sleep that is excessive in depth or duration?pyromania


  5. Patients who continually express physical complaints that have no real basis have a type of _______hypochondriacal disorder


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