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  1. Patient who develop separate personalities as a result of severely stressful situation are diagnosed with what disorder
  2. phil/o
  3. What is the health care term for a severe,enduring personality disorder with paranoid tendencies?
  4. A prolonged refusal to eat adequate amounts of food and an altered perception of what constitutes a minimal body weight,caused by a morbid fear of becoming obese, is
  5. A generalized negative mood characterized by depression is
  1. a dissociative identity disorder
  2. b dysphoria
  3. c attraction
  4. d paranoid
  5. e anorexia nervosa

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  1. kleptomania
  2. libido
  3. body
  4. marketplace
  5. hypochondriacal disorder

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  1. Male patients who experience uncontrollable ejaculation caused by anxiety may be diagnosed with______premature ejaculation


  2. antrop/oman


  3. Extreme trauma that may result in flashbacks, nightmares,hypervigilance,or relieving the trauma is called_____satyriasis


  4. claustr/oa closing


  5. klept/osteal


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