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  1. Auditory hallucinations, delusions, and thought disturbances are characteristics of
  2. orex/o
  3. PTSD is_____stress disorder
  4. Episodes of mood changes from depression to mania are called
  5. antrop/o
  1. a schizophrenia
  2. b bipolar disorder
  3. c post traumatic
  4. d appetite
  5. e man

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  1. body
  2. claustrophobia
  3. dissociative identity disorder
  4. social phobia
  5. depressive disorder

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  1. A sensory perception that occurs with no external cause isanhedonia


  2. An uncontrollable impulse to steal isclaustrophobia


  3. pyr/ofire


  4. A prolonged refusal to eat adequate amounts of food and an altered perception of what constitutes a minimal body weight,caused by a morbid fear of becoming obese, isanorexia nervosa


  5. A normal psychological impulse drive associated with sensuality,expressions of desire,or creativity isdysphoria


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