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  1. Harmless local layabout and drunk, who is falsely accused of a murder that Injun Joe committed.
  2. Tom's goody-two-shoes little brother.
  3. Young black boy who lives with, and works for Aunt Polly. It's never actually said in the book, but is certainly a slave.
  4. A boy with an imagination to rival Tom's, at start he his Tom's best friends. But by the end, Huck is probably more important to Tom.
  5. A mischievous orphan with a lively imagination, a talent for persuading other people to join in his crazy schemes, and a good heart.

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  1. Alfred TempleThe best-dressed boy in town. Beck sometimes pretends to be friends with him to make Tom jealous.


  2. Aunt PollyTom and Sid's guardian. Always telling Tom off for one scrape or another, but finds it hard to be strict because she loves him too much.


  3. Injun JoeThe villain of the story, said to be part Native American and part white; cruel and ruthless because of his Native American heritage.


  4. MaryTom's cousin, who also lives with Aunt Polly.


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