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  1. A boy with an imagination to rival Tom's, at start he his Tom's best friends. But by the end, Huck is probably more important to Tom.
  2. Teacher at the school, good at hitting children, but less good at actually teaching anything.
  3. Tom's cousin, who also lives with Aunt Polly.
  4. Harmless local layabout and drunk, who is falsely accused of a murder that Injun Joe committed.
  5. The wealthiest person in the town. Narrowly escapes a dreadful revenge that Injun Joe tries to wreck on her.

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  1. Becky ThatcherTom's on-off girlfriend. She is proud as Tom, and their relationship is often stormy.


  2. JimTom's goody-two-shoes little brother.


  3. Amy LawrenceTom's ex-girlfriend, whom he dumps when Becky comes to town.


  4. Injun JoeTom and Sid's guardian. Always telling Tom off for one scrape or another, but finds it hard to be strict because she loves him too much.


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