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  1. colloid and suspension
  2. carbon, copper, helium, aluminum
  3. viscosity
  4. chemical property
  5. solubility
  1. a Which type of mixture has solute large enough to scatter light?
  2. b ability of a substance to flow like a liquid
  3. c charateristics of a substance that indicates whether it can undergo a certain chemical change
  4. d ability of a substance to be dissolved into another substance
  5. e Name two elements.

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  1. device that spins liquids at high speeds to separate it into parts based on densities
  2. Explain how the law of conservation of mass applies to a chemical change.
  3. any characteristic of a material that you can observe or measure without changing the IDENTITY of the material
  4. Name two chemical properties.
  5. Which is the solvent with oxygen in the air?

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  1. flue, paint, fog, smog, gel, shampoo, hairspray, milk, mayonnaise, stick deodorant, jello, whipped creamName two examples of colloids.


  2. solubleable to be dissolved


  3. law of conservation of massMatter is neither created nor destroyed during a change, but is simply changed from one form to another form


  4. granite, concrete, dry soup mix, pizza, cheese, Chex mix, trail mix, Italian dressingName two examples of heterogeneous mixtures.


  5. chemical changechange of one substance to another that has different properties than the original substance


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