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  1. Solute and solvent
  2. 118
  3. element
  4. The properties of elements are DIFFERENT than the properties of compound the elements make up.
  5. pure substance
  1. a substance containing only ONE type of particle (fixed composition)
  2. b Type of pure substance that have atoms that have the same identity (one type of atom)
  3. c Explain how the properties of elements compare to properties of a compound the elements make up.
  4. d How many elements are there total?
  5. e Name the parts of a solution.

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  1. scattering of a light beam as the light passes through a colloid
  2. What type of change is weathering and why?
  3. What kind of matter have unique sets of properties that help to aid in their identification?
  4. ability of a substance to be drawn or pulled into a wire
  5. charateristics of a substance that indicates whether it can undergo a certain chemical change

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  1. solutionable to be dissolved


  2. The mass of all materials used IN a change to start with are equal to the mass of all the materials that are created or what you end withExplain how the law of conservation of mass applies to a chemical change.


  3. vinegar, pop, mayonaise, jello, kool-aidMatter is neither created nor destroyed during a change, but is simply changed from one form to another form


  4. by physical meansHow can mixtures be separated?


  5. flue, paint, fog, smog, gel, shampoo, hairspray, milk, mayonnaise, stick deodorant, jello, whipped creamName two compounds.


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