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  1. That God would not hold the sin of murdering him against them (Acts 7:60)
  2. Ecclesiastes
  3. A foolish child
  4. It is without error and totally trustworthy
  5. The Holy Spirit
  1. a Which book of the Bible ends with the following exhortation: Man's duty is to fear God and keep His commandments?
  2. b According to Romans 8:16, who is it that bears witness with our human spirit that we are God's children?
  3. c According to Proverbs 10:1, what makes a parent sad?
  4. d When Stephen was being stoned for following Jesus, what did he pray regarding his enemies?
  5. e What do 2 Timothy and John 17:17 tell us about the Bible in its original writings?

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  1. Which Old Testament person was called a friend of God?
  2. According to Isaiah 40, what will come to those who wait on (hope in) the Lord?
  3. Name four things Psalm 139 teaches about God's love for us.
  4. Which book of the New Testament is categorized as a book of history?
  5. According to Romans 8:29, what is it that God has determined all His children will become?

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  1. "My Lord and my God"In John 20:28, what did Thomas call Jesus?


  2. His wordsAccording to Jesus in Matthew 24:35, what will never pass away?


  3. The proud in heartWho, according to Proverbs 16:5, are an abomination to the Lord?


  4. DiligenceAccording to Proverbs 12:27, what is considered a precious possession?


  5. Because Job demonstrated a love for God and a hatred for evil (Job 1:6-8)According to John 13:34−35, how can Christians be effective witnesses for Jesus?


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