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  1. vikings
  2. Medici Family
  3. Nobles
  4. Leonardo DaVinci
  5. Knight
  1. a people from rich and powerful families
  2. b Gained it's wealth through banking and trading
  3. c invaders from scandinavia who sacked european towns
  4. d Marks graduation by fasting and prayer the night before ceremony
  5. e renaissance artist, inventor and scientist who created Mona Lisa

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  1. short church ceremony, marked taking this step. Blessed by a priest and given a sword and a belt
  2. a German monk who became one of the most famous critics of the Roman Catholic Chruch. In 1517, he wrote 95 theses, or statements of belief attacking the church practices.
  3. home-based, family-owned and run, with the father making goods and family members helping in making and selling of goods
  4. work the land, pay rent and taxes to their master and ask for permission to marry
  5. Italian Renaissance sculpture, painter, poet and architect

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  1. Spanish Armadathe Spanish fleet that attempted to invade England, ending in disaster, due to the raging storm in the English Channel as well as the smaller and better English navy led by Francis Drake. This is viewed as the decline of Spains Golden Age, and the rise of England as a world naval power.


  2. Troubadourstravleing performers singing about chivalriss deeds performed by knights for ladies


  3. CharlemagneTook place from AD 500, following the fall of Rome to about the 1500's


  4. Middle Agesmade his court a center of learning by filling it with scholars, poets and musicians.


  5. CopernicusPolish astronomer who produced a workable model of the solar system with the sun in the center (1473-1543)


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