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  1. Minstrels
  2. Nobles
  3. stages in knights training
  4. Charlemagne
  5. Johannes Gutenberg
  1. a Formed western europe into a new empire and spread christianity.
  2. b Revolutionized communications by developing a printing press
  3. c people from rich and powerful families
  4. d page, squire, knight
  5. e medieval poet and musician who sang or recited while accompanying himself on a stringed instrument

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  1. Polish astronomer who produced a workable model of the solar system with the sun in the center (1473-1543)
  2. Made lords and vassals dependent on one another, because the lords needed soldiers, which the vassal provided, while vassals needed a means of a support
  3. Found his models and inspiration for his writing in classical literature
  4. A period of rebirth because it renewed interest in the achievements of ancient times and it made people feel more confident in their abilities and possibilities
  5. business associations that dominated medieval towns; they passed laws, levied taxes, built protective walls for the city, etc. Made rules that set quality and training standards

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  1. King John IWas the King of England who was forced to sign the Magna Carta because of his cruel behavior and abuse of his absolute power.


  2. Queen Elizabeth IQueen of England from 1558 to 1603. English renaissance flourished during her reign.


  3. craft workerhome-based, family-owned and run, with the father making goods and family members helping in making and selling of goods


  4. MichelangeloTook place from AD 500, following the fall of Rome to about the 1500's


  5. Leonardo DaVincirenaissance artist, inventor and scientist who created Mona Lisa


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