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  1. Family Assistance Plan
  2. Dr. Jonas Salk
  3. Stagflation
  4. New Left
  5. New Frontier
  1. a An economic condition marked by both inflation and high unemployment.
  2. b JFK's legislative program, included proposals to provide medical care for the elderly, to rebuild blighted urban areas, o aid education, to bolster the national defense, to increase international aid, and to expand the space program.
  3. c a welfare-reform proposal approved by the House of Representatives in 1970 but defeated in the Senate; that would have guaranteed an income to welfare recipients who agreed to undergo job training and to accept work.
  4. d youth-dominated political movement of the 1960s
  5. e Developed a vaccine for the crippling disease poliomyelitis.

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  1. a religious group, popularly known as the Black Muslims, founded by Elijah Muhammad to promote black separatism and the Islamic religion.
  2. a group headed by Warren that investigated assassination of JFK and concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald was alone responsible.
  3. the idea that if a nation falls under Communist control, nearby nations will also fall under Communist control.
  4. Major corporation; includes a number of smaller companies in unrelated industries
  5. the open discussion of social problems that was permitted in the USSR in the 1980s.

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  1. OPECan organization of petroleum exporting countries - an economic association of oil-producing nations that is able to set oil prices.


  2. Sit-insform of demonstration used by African Americans


  3. Mikhail Gorbacheva leaf-killing toxic chemical that devastated landscapes.


  4. Supply-Side EconomicsThe idea that a reduction of tax rates will lead to increases in jobs, savings, and investments, therefore to an increase in government revenue.


  5. Peace CorpsHired hands, Mexican, allowed into US to harvest crops


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