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  1. Environmentalist
  2. Black Panthers
  3. Supply-Side Economics
  4. Civil Rights Act of 1964
  5. Operation Desert Storm
  1. a The idea that a reduction of tax rates will lead to increases in jobs, savings, and investments, therefore to an increase in government revenue.
  2. b A law that banned discrimination on the basis of race, sex, national origin, or religion in public places and most workplaces.
  3. c a militant A.A. political organization formed in 1966 by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale to fight police brutality and to provide services in the ghetto.
  4. d a 1991 military operation in which UN forces, led by the US, drove iraqi invaders from Kuwait..
  5. e - person who works to protect the environment from destruction and pollution

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  1. basing of employee's salary on the requirements of his job rather than traditional pay scales that have frequently provided women with smaller incomes than men.
  2. the flexible policy, involving a willingness to negotiate and an easing of tensions, that was adopted by Nixon and is adviser Kissinger in their dealings with Communist nations.
  3. 7,000 page document - leaked to press by former Defense Department worker
  4. youth-dominated political movement of the 1960s
  5. an unfair treatment of members of a majority group.

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  1. Fannie Lou HamerDaughter of Mississippi sharecroppers, won the honor of speaking for the MFDP at the convention. Registered to vote at cost of beating and family's eviction for their farm.


  2. Dr. Benjamin SpockCommon Sense Book of Baby and Child Care; mothers to be at home.


  3. Truman DoctrineA US policy announced by President Harry Truman in 1947, of providing economic and military aid to free nations threatened by internal or external opponents.


  4. Dr. MLK Jr.Pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, elected to lead the Montgomery Improvement Association to organize a boycott


  5. Ho Chi MinhCondemned by the French to death in 1930 for his rebellious activity. Fled Vietnam that year and throughout the 1930s, he orchestrated Vietname's growing independence movement from exile in the Soviet Union and later from China.


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