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  1. Augustus
  2. Barbarian Invasion
  3. Hannibal
  4. Arch
  5. Proconsol
  1. a Honorific name of Octavian, founder of the Roman Principate, the military dictatorship that replaced the failing rule of the Roman Senate. (151)
  2. b an official, usually a former consul, who acted as governor or military commander of a province, and who had powers similar to those of a consul.
  3. c (architecture) a masonry construction (usually curved) for spanning an opening and supporting the weight above it Romans created
  4. d Carthaginian military commander who, in the Second Punic War, attempted a surprise attack on Rome, crossing the Alps with a large group of soldiers, horses, and elephants.
  5. e Tribes come into Roman Empire. Gaul is the kingdom of the Franks

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  1. the simplest form of vault consisting of an unbroken series of arches; it forms a tunnel like shape Romans first to do
  2. a Roman poet
  3. (n.) a payment for damage or loss
  4. emperor
  5. a large amphitheater built in Rome around ad 70; site of the contest and combats between people and animals

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  1. Etruscansthe group of people who ruled Rome before Romans revolted


  2. OctavianJulius Caesar's grandnephew, later known as Augustus. By defeating Mark Antony, he gained rule of all roman lands. He was Rome's first true emperor.


  3. Praetorselected to help consuls, commanded armies in times of war and oversaw legal system in times of peace


  4. 476 CEFall of western Roman Empire ureffered to as the ate Roman Empire falls


  5. Domea hemispherical vault supported on columns or walls


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