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  1. surfeited
  2. mettle
  3. fashion
  4. swayed
  5. extremity
  1. a an external body part that projects from the body
  2. b characteristic or habitual practice
  3. c to influence
  4. d fed beyond capacity or desire
  5. e the courage to carry on

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  1. thrifty management of resources; livestock farming
  2. encouraging to have intimate relations or to act in a certain way
  3. cover with blood
  4. cleansed
  5. prompting, instigating, encouraging

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  1. melancholya constitutional tendency to be gloomy and depressed


  2. unattaintedunbiased, impartial


  3. purveyorcleansed


  4. buccaneeringthrifty management of resources; livestock farming


  5. ingraftedplanted firmly; established


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