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Amanda's SS Chapter 4 Flash Cards Test

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  1. Popular Culture
  2. Interdependence
  3. Culture Region
  4. Developed Countries
  5. Market Economy
  1. a a relationship between countries in which they rely on one another for resources, goods, or services
  2. b is an area in which people have many shared culture traits
  3. c countries with strong economies and a high quality of life
  4. d a system based on private ownership, free trade, and competition
  5. e refers to culture traits that are well known and widely accepted

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  1. assistance to people in distress
  2. countries with less productive economies and a lower quality of life
  3. a system in which the central goverment makes all economic decisions
  4. the spread of culture traits from one region to another
  5. a political system in which the government owns all property and dominates all aspects of life in a country

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  1. Ethnic Groupis a group of people who share a common culture and ancestry


  2. Population Densitythe total number of people in a given area


  3. Democracya form of government in which the people elect leaders and rule by majority


  4. Globalizationthe total number of people in a given area


  5. Populationthe process of moving from one place to live in another


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