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  1. repression
  2. cognition
  3. linguistic determinism
  4. language
  5. normal curve
  1. a Whorf's hypothesis that language determines the way we think
  2. b our spoken, written or signed words and teh ways we combine them to communicate meaning
  3. c in psychoanalytic theory, teh basic defense mechanism that banishes from consciousness anxiety arousing thoughts feelings and memories
  4. d the mental activities associated with thinking knowing remembering and communicating
  5. e teh symmetrical bell shaped curve that describes teh distribution of many physical and psychological attributes. most scores fall near teh average adn few and few scores lie near teh extremes

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  1. memory of facts and expereicens that one can consciously knowand declare
  2. teh processing of many aspects of a problem simultaneously; the brain's natural mode of information processing from many functions.
  3. mental quality consisting of teh ability to learn from expereinec, solve problems, and use knowledge to adapt to new situations
  4. clinging to one's initial conceptions after the basison which they were formed has been discredited
  5. an increase in a synapse's firing potential after brief, rapid stimulation, believed to be a neural basis for learninga nd memory

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  1. acoustic encodingteh encoding of sound, especially teh sound of words


  2. fixationthe way an issue is posed; how an issue is framed can significantly affect decisions and judgements


  3. relearningthe extent to which a test yeilds consistent results as assessed by teh consistency of scores on two havles of the test


  4. mood congruent memorya newer understanding of short term memory that focuses on conscious active processing of incoming auditory and visual spatial information and of information retrieved from mlong term memory


  5. mnemonicsmemory aids, especially those techniques that use vivd imagery and organization devices


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