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  1. parallel processing
  2. predictive validity
  3. intuition
  4. creativity
  5. standarization
  1. a defining meaningful scores by comparison with teh performance of a pretested group
  2. b teh processing of many aspects of a problem simultaneously; the brain's natural mode of information processing from many functions.
  3. c an effortless, immediate automatic feeling or thought as contrasted with explicit conscious reasoning.
  4. d the success with which a test predicts teh behavior it is designed to predict; it is assesed by computing the correlation beween teh test scores and teh criterion behavior.
  5. e the ability to produce novel and valuable ideas

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  1. an increase in a synapse's firing potential after brief, rapid stimulation, believed to be a neural basis for learninga nd memory
  2. attributing to teh wrong soruce an event we have expereicen ehar about read about or imagined. source amnesia, along with teh misinformation effect is at teh heart of many false memories
  3. the teneecny for distributed study or practive to yeidl better long-term retention than is acheived through masssed study or practive
  4. a condition of intellectual disability and associated physical disorders caused by an extra copy of the chromosme 21
  5. the ability to perceive understand, manage and use emotions

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  1. long-term memorythe relatively permanent and limitless storehosue of teh memory system. includes knowledge, skills and experiences


  2. achievement testa method for assessing an individual's mental aptitudes and com[aring them with those of others using numerical scores


  3. amenesialoss of memory


  4. implicit memoryretention independent of conscious recollection.


  5. sensory memorymomentary sensory memory of auditory stimuli; if attention is elsewhere sounds and words can still be recalled within 3 or 4 seconds


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