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  1. mental age
  2. serial position effect
  3. hippocampus
  4. recognition
  5. belief perseverance
  1. a a measure of memory in which the person need only identify items previously learned as on a multiple choice test
  2. b a measure of intelligence test devised by Binet; the chronological agethat most typically corresponds to a given level of performance. Thus achild who does as well as teh average 8 yr old is said to have a mental age of 8
  3. c a neural center that is located in teh limbic system; helps process memories for storage
  4. d clinging to one's initial conceptions after the basison which they were formed has been discredited
  5. e our tendency to recall best teh last and first items in a list

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  1. the way an issue is posed; how an issue is framed can significantly affect decisions and judgements
  2. tests designed to assess what a person has learned
  3. the success with which a test predicts teh behavior it is designed to predict; it is assesed by computing the correlation beween teh test scores and teh criterion behavior.
  4. teh processs of getting info out of memory storage
  5. momentary sensory memory of auditory stimuli; if attention is elsewhere sounds and words can still be recalled within 3 or 4 seconds

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  1. effortful processingunconscious encoding of incidental information such as space, time, and requency and well learned information such as wod meanings


  2. acoustic encodingteh encoding of sound, especially teh sound of words


  3. algorithma methodical logical rule or procedure that guarantees solving a particular problem.


  4. intuitionthe mental activities associated with thinking knowing remembering and communicating


  5. imageryin a language, a system of rules that enables us to communicate with and understand others


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