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  1. montreal protocol
  2. photochemical smog
  3. Tropospheric ozone
  4. Particulate matter
  5. thermal inversion
  1. a signatory nations agreed to cut CFC production in half
  2. b composed of solid or liquid particles small enough to be suspended in the atmosphere.
  3. c A secondary pollutant, a major component of smog, colorless gas
  4. d a departure from the normal temperature distribution in the atmosphere, in which a pocket of relavitevly cold air occurs near the ground, with warmer air above it.
  5. e is formed through light-driven chemical reactions of primary pollutants and normal atmospheric compounds that produce a mix of over100 different chemicals.

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  1. contains air that moves outward away from a center of the system and spirals upward
  2. Air moves toward the low atmospheric pressure at the center of the system and spirals upward
  3. a highly reactive, foul smelling reddish brown gas that contributes to smog and acid precipitation.
  4. a heavy metal that enters the atmosphere as a particular pollutant. Help improve engim=nge preformance.
  5. A circular current driven by temperature differences, in the air warm air rises into regiona of lower atmospheric pressure, where it expands and cools and then descends and becomes denser.

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  1. scrubbersTechnology to chemically treat gas produced in combustion to remove hazardous components and neutralize acidic gases, turning them into water and aslt, in order to reduce smokestack emissions


  2. secondary pollutantspollutants emitted into the troposphere in a from that can be directly harmful or that can react to form harmful substances


  3. Clean air act of 1970 &19901970- legislation set stricter standards for air quality, imposed limits on emissions from new stationary and mobile sources etc.
    1990- sought to strengthen regulations pertaining to air quality standards, auto emissins, toxic air pollution etc.


  4. warm frontthr boundry along which a colder, drier air mass displaces a warmer, moister air mass


  5. stratosphereextends 11-50 km above sea level, level above troposphere and below mesosphere


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