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  1. ozone layer
  2. Tropospheric ozone
  3. Low-pressure system
  4. Lead
  5. High-pressure system
  1. a contains air that moves outward away from a center of the system and spirals upward
  2. b Air moves toward the low atmospheric pressure at the center of the system and spirals upward
  3. c A secondary pollutant, a major component of smog, colorless gas
  4. d a heavy metal that enters the atmosphere as a particular pollutant. Help improve engim=nge preformance.
  5. e A portion of the stratosphere, roughly 17-30 km above sea level, that contains most of the ozone in the atmosphere

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  1. thr boundry along which a colder, drier air mass displaces a warmer, moister air mass
  2. Harmful substances produced when primary pollutants interact or react with contituents of the atmosphere
  3. extends 11-50 km above sea level, level above troposphere and below mesosphere
  4. A highly toxic, radioactive, colorless gas that seeps up from the ground in areas with certin types of bedrock and can build up inside basements and homes with poor air circulation
  5. composed of solid or liquid particles small enough to be suspended in the atmosphere.

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  1. scrubbersatmospheric conditions over short time periods, typically hours or days, and within relatively small gergraphic areas


  2. carbon monoxidea colorless, odorless gas produced primarily by the imcomplete combustion of fuel. Mostly from cars and engines.


  3. Sulfur dioxidea highly reactive, foul smelling reddish brown gas that contributes to smog and acid precipitation.


  4. acidic depositionsThe settling of acidic or acid-forming pollutants from the atmosphere onto earth's surface.


  5. relative humiditythe ratio of water vapor a given volume of air contains at a given temperature


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