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  1. Frequency theory
  2. Dissonant
  3. Amplitude
  4. Eardrum
  5. Duplicity theory
  1. a A thin membrane that vibrates in response to sound waves, transmitting the waves to the middle and inner ears
  2. b The theory that the pitch of a sound is reflected in the frequency of the neural impulses that are generated in response to sound.
  3. c A combination of the place and frequency theories of pitch discrimination
  4. d Height
  5. e Incompatible, not harmonious, discordant

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  1. The receptor for hearing that lies on the basilar membrane in the cochlea
  2. A membrane that lies coiled within the cochlea
  3. A unit expressing the loudness of a sound
  4. The inner ear, the bony tube that contains the basilar membrane and the organ or Corti.
  5. The quality or richness of a sound

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  1. OvertonesA unit expressing the frequency of sound waves


  2. Oval windowA membrane that transmits vibrations from the stirrup of the middle ear to the cochlea within the inner ear


  3. White noiseA unit expressing the frequency of sound waves


  4. FrequencyTones of higher frequency than those played that result from vibrations throughout a musical instrument


  5. PitchThe quality or richness of a sound


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