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CLAA Grammar I lesson 7

What is a Case?

A case is the changing of terminations in declining.

How many Cases are there?

There are six cases:

1. the Nominative, by which we name a thing. This answers to the questions 'Who?' or 'What?'. The Nominative case is used to mark a subject.

2. the Genitive, which signifies whose anything is, or to whom it pertains. This answers to the questions 'Whose?' or 'Whereof?'.

3. the Dative, by which we attribute some thing to any one. This answers the questions, 'To whom?' or 'To what?'. The Dative case is used to mark an indirect object.

4. the Accusative, which follows an Active verb, and on which the action of the verb passes. This answers to the questions, 'Whom?' or 'What?. The Accusative case is used to mark a direct object.

5. the Vocative, by which we call on persons or things.

6. the Ablative, by which we signify something to be taken from another, and it most commonly follows a preposition, which governs it.

What are the two parts of a sentence?

The two parts of a sentence are the subject and the predicate.

What is the subject of a sentence?

The subject of a sentence is that about which the sentence speaks.

What is the predicate of a sentence?

The predicate of a sentence is that which is said about the subject.

What is an object?

An object is a thing onto which an action passes.

What is a direct object?

A Direct object is an object onto which an action directly passes.

What is an indirect object?

An indirect object is an object onto which an action indirectly passes.

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