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  1. Pullman Strike
  2. Sherman Antitrust Act
  3. Civil Service Commission
  4. Social Darwinism
  5. (Jack) London
  1. a established by the Pendleton Act, in charge of seeing that offices were filled by men who scored well on examinations
  2. b strike in which Chicago workers striked unsuccessfully, then boycotted the company
  3. c influential law which made monopolies illegal
  4. d the application of the evolutionary theory to social institutions, proposed by Herbert Spencer
  5. e a naturalist, who wrote "Call of the Wild"

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  1. wrote "The Origin of the Species", proponent of natural selection
  2. Democratic presidential nominee in 1880
  3. movement of the population to the cities
  4. passed under Cleveland, this law stated that railroad rates should be fair, railroad companies should publish all rates and make financial reports, and provided for the creation of the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC)
  5. invented phonograph, projector, and incandescent light bulb

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  1. (Grover) Clevelandhe controlled the New York Republican political machine, similar to Tammany Hall


  2. Grangeorganization founded to encourage social contacts and scientific methods of farming


  3. Half-Breedsmoderate Republicans who were dissatisfied with Grant, the Radical Republicans, and Reconstruction who tended to favor reform


  4. (Stephen) Crane"The Moody of the South", urban evangelist in the South


  5. Carnegieorganization founded to encourage social contacts and scientific methods of farming


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