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  1. materialism
  2. urban evangelism
  3. Stalwarts
  4. (Mark) Twain
  5. realism
  1. a a type of writing which drew a picture of simple, ordinary life
  2. b Republicans who favored high tariffs, hard money, and the spoils system
  3. c the desire for worldly possessions and the belief that only they can bring true happiness
  4. d the conducting of large, city-wide campaigns in huge auditoriums or large churches in major cities
  5. e a realist, wrote "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and "Life on the Mississippi"

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  1. the economic house of the New South was built on these two industries
  2. passed under Cleveland, this law stated that railroad rates should be fair, railroad companies should publish all rates and make financial reports, and provided for the creation of the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC)
  3. civil service reform act passed under Arthur's presidency
  4. influential law which made monopolies illegal
  5. Stalwart nominated for vice president in 1880

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  1. injunctiona court order


  2. (Alexander Graham) BellScottish immigrant who invented the telephone, formed AT&T


  3. vertical integrationmovement of the population to the cities


  4. (Eugene V.) Debsfounder of the American Railway Union, leader of the Pullman Strike


  5. Carnegieorganization founded to encourage social contacts and scientific methods of farming


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