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  1. injunction
  2. (Charles) Darwin
  3. realism
  4. materialism
  5. (Thomas Alva) Edison
  1. a a court order
  2. b a type of writing which drew a picture of simple, ordinary life
  3. c wrote "The Origin of the Species", proponent of natural selection
  4. d invented phonograph, projector, and incandescent light bulb
  5. e the desire for worldly possessions and the belief that only they can bring true happiness

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  1. the vision of many Southerners that the South would match the North in economic and industrial capacity
  2. leading investment banker in America, formed United States Steel Corporation
  3. steel production
  4. strike in which Chicago workers striked unsuccessfully, then boycotted the company
  5. a sacred tune that is less formal than a hymn and has a more popular, easily sung melody

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  1. (James Buchanan) DukeRepublican presidential nominee in 1884


  2. (William) McKinleyMoody's song leader, helped popularize the gospel song


  3. Interstate Commerce Actinfluential law which made monopolies illegal


  4. (Samuel) Gompersleader of the American Federation of Labor (AFL)


  5. Sherman Antitrust Actinfluential law which made monopolies illegal


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