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BJU US History Chapter 16 Test

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  1. (James Buchanan) Duke
  2. (Horatio) Alger
  3. (Winfield S.) Hancock
  4. Mongrel Tariff
  5. (Jack) London
  1. a wrote rags-to-riches tales such as "Luck and Pluck", "Bound to Rise", and "Tattered Tom"
  2. b a tariff reduction that had many unfavorable amendments added to it
  3. c Democratic presidential nominee in 1880
  4. d popularized tobacco, formed American Tobacco Company
  5. e a naturalist, who wrote "Call of the Wild"

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  1. invented phonograph, projector, and incandescent light bulb
  2. Republic presidential nominee in 1896, won election
  3. influential law which made monopolies illegal
  4. controlling all of one entire segment of an industry
  5. party whose major issue was currency policy

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  1. (Mark) Twain"The Moody of the South", urban evangelist in the South


  2. (Chester A.) Arthura naturalist, wrote "Maggie: A Girl in the Streets" and "The Red Badge of Courage"


  3. Post-War EraThe Gilded Age


  4. naturalisma new literary approach which emphasized man's helplessness and struggle with the world


  5. (Alexander Graham) BellScottish immigrant who invented the telephone, formed AT&T


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