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  1. (William Jennings) Bryan
  2. (Thomas Alva) Edison
  3. gospel song
  4. Sherman Antitrust Act
  5. robber barons
  1. a influential law which made monopolies illegal
  2. b Men that shaped America's future more than anyone else
  3. c a sacred tune that is less formal than a hymn and has a more popular, easily sung melody
  4. d invented phonograph, projector, and incandescent light bulb
  5. e Democratic presidential nominee in 1896, called "the Great Commoner"

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  1. Moody's song leader, helped popularize the gospel song
  2. America's first billionaire
  3. leader of the American Federation of Labor (AFL)
  4. legal device by which a board of trustees is empowered to make decisions and control the operation of a whole group of companies
  5. leader of urban evangelism

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  1. realisma type of writing which drew a picture of simple, ordinary life


  2. Post-War EraRepublicans who favored high tariffs, hard money, and the spoils system


  3. "New Immigration"a place such as the United States where diverse racial and ethnic cultures blend to form a new and unified nation


  4. (Horatio) Algerwrote rags-to-riches tales such as "Luck and Pluck", "Bound to Rise", and "Tattered Tom"


  5. tobacco and textilesthe conducting of large, city-wide campaigns in huge auditoriums or large churches in major cities


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