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  1. (James Buchanan) Duke
  2. (Charles) Darwin
  3. "melting pot"
  4. Panic of '93
  5. (William Jennings) Bryan
  1. a wrote "The Origin of the Species", proponent of natural selection
  2. b a place such as the United States where diverse racial and ethnic cultures blend to form a new and unified nation
  3. c 4 years of the worst depression the country had ever seen
  4. d Democratic presidential nominee in 1896, called "the Great Commoner"
  5. e popularized tobacco, formed American Tobacco Company

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  1. controlling all of one entire segment of an industry
  2. a naturalist, who wrote "Call of the Wild"
  3. begun by Ward, this philosophy states that human progress is best achieved through cooperation and that the government should be an active agent for social change
  4. a tariff reduction that had many unfavorable amendments added to it
  5. a naturalist, wrote "Maggie: A Girl in the Streets" and "The Red Badge of Courage"

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  1. urbanizationmovement of the population to the cities


  2. Civil Service Commissioncontrolling every aspect of production


  3. (Benjamin) Harrisona naturalist, who wrote "Call of the Wild"


  4. Haymarket Riotriot in which factory workers in Chicago, agitated by anarchists, went on strike- 7 policemen and 4 civilians died


  5. (Roscoe) Conklinghe controlled the New York Republican political machine, similar to Tammany Hall


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