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  1. injunction
  2. McKinley Tariff
  3. trust
  4. (Thomas Alva) Edison
  5. (Winfield S.) Hancock
  1. a a court order
  2. b this unpopular law placed high duties on manufactured and agricultural imports
  3. c legal device by which a board of trustees is empowered to make decisions and control the operation of a whole group of companies
  4. d Democratic presidential nominee in 1880
  5. e invented phonograph, projector, and incandescent light bulb

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  1. strike in which Pittsburgh workers went on strike, resulting in fighting which killed 9 people
  2. controlling every aspect of production
  3. wrote rags-to-riches tales such as "Luck and Pluck", "Bound to Rise", and "Tattered Tom"
  4. civil service reform act passed under Arthur's presidency
  5. leading investment banker in America, formed United States Steel Corporation

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  1. Interstate Commerce Actpassed under Cleveland, this law stated that railroad rates should be fair, railroad companies should publish all rates and make financial reports, and provided for the creation of the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC)


  2. "melting pot"a place such as the United States where diverse racial and ethnic cultures blend to form a new and unified nation


  3. (Grover) Clevelandhe controlled the New York Republican political machine, similar to Tammany Hall


  4. (Eugene V.) Debsfounder of the American Railway Union, leader of the Pullman Strike


  5. (Stephen) Cranea naturalist, wrote "Maggie: A Girl in the Streets" and "The Red Badge of Courage"


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