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  1. Panic of '93
  2. (William) McKinley
  3. (Horatio) Alger
  4. (Winfield S.) Hancock
  5. (Alexander Graham) Bell
  1. a wrote rags-to-riches tales such as "Luck and Pluck", "Bound to Rise", and "Tattered Tom"
  2. b Democratic presidential nominee in 1880
  3. c 4 years of the worst depression the country had ever seen
  4. d Scottish immigrant who invented the telephone, formed AT&T
  5. e Republic presidential nominee in 1896, won election

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  1. advocates collective or government ownership of the means of production
  2. the desire for worldly possessions and the belief that only they can bring true happiness
  3. moderate Republicans who were dissatisfied with Grant, the Radical Republicans, and Reconstruction who tended to favor reform
  4. controlling all of one entire segment of an industry
  5. controlling every aspect of production

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  1. Haymarket Riotriot in which factory workers in Chicago, agitated by anarchists, went on strike- 7 policemen and 4 civilians died


  2. Reform Darwinismthe application of the evolutionary theory to social institutions, proposed by Herbert Spencer


  3. Rockefellera type of writing which drew a picture of simple, ordinary life


  4. (Benjamin) Harrisona naturalist, who wrote "Call of the Wild"


  5. Social Darwinismbegun by Ward, this philosophy states that human progress is best achieved through cooperation and that the government should be an active agent for social change


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