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  1. Hypothesis
  2. Inharent properties
  3. Genes
  4. Genome
  5. Positive feedback
  1. a testable explation for a set of observations based on the available data and guided inductive reasoning its a narrower scope than a theory
  2. b genetic material of an organism or virus
  3. c Rules of interaction that entinties operate at specific levels of complexity
  4. d discrete unit of hereditary info consisting of a specific nucleotide sequence in DNA
  5. e where the end product speeds up its own production

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  1. scientifc study of life
  2. experiment where an experimental group is compared with a control group that varies only in the factor being tested
  3. functional componets of cells
  4. groups of cells that are collectively perform a specialized fuction
  5. type of logic where specific results are prdicted from general premise

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  1. Negative feedbackform of regulation where accumulation of an end product of a process slows the process


  2. DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid)type of cell lacking a membrane-enclosed nucleus and membrane-enclosed organelles


  3. Inquiryexplanation that is broader in scope than a hypothesis, generates new hypotheses and is upported by a large body of evidence


  4. Model organismparticular species chosen for reasearch into broad biological principals b/c its representative of a larger group than usually easy to grow in a lab


  5. Populationincludes all the individuals of a single species in an area


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