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  1. hyperpluralist theory
  2. ideological interest group
  3. ratings
  4. position issue
  5. activists
  1. a assessment of a legislator's voting record on issues important to an interest group
  2. b an issue about which the public is divided and rival parties or candidates adopt different positions
  3. c people who tend to participate in all forms of politics
  4. d argues that too many groups are getting what they want at the expense of the unrepresented and that this behavior leads to incoherent public policy.
  5. e political organization that attracts members by appealing their political convictions or principles

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  1. something of value which cannot be withheld from individuals in the potential group
  2. "friend of the court" briefs filed by interest groups to inform the court of their position and to state how their welfare would be affected by a ruling
  3. technique used by interest groups which allows groups of people with similar complaints to combine their grievances into a single unit
  4. many things valued in monetary terms
  5. a group composed of all people who share some common interest

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  1. elite theoryargues that because only a few groups have enough power to influence policy, power is concentrated into a few interlocking power centers


  2. electioneeringhelping sympathetic candidates get into office


  3. solidary incentivethe sense of pleasure, status, or companionship experienced in small groups


  4. free-rider problema group composed of all people who share some common interest


  5. single-issue groupsorganizations where people with similar policy goals enter the political process to achieve those goals


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