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  1. Principle that emerged in West
  2. Duty of state and leader...
  3. Papacy considered itself...
  4. the papacy (thoughts on unification )
  5. Germany Before Bismarck
  1. a Nationalism
  2. b they opposed unification
  3. c Germany Before Bismarck
  4. d independent political existence to fulfill its spiritual mission
  5. e provide jobs and stimulate economy. All classes would benefit by such action

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  1. strengthen by failures of 1848
  2. 1.government encouraged new investment banks and massive railroad construction (Heart of Industrial Revolution)
  3. 1. provided a vivid contrast to celibate nuns
    2. married women or men would cope with potential loneliness and social isolation of unfamiliar towns and villages
    3. Worried about birth rate
  4. presidential election of 1848
  5. Under italian monarch

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  1. Cavour's goalsLed Sardinia 1850-1861


  2. How did middle class see Sardinialiberal, progressive, suited to achieve unification


  3. Who did Cavour ask for help?1.he controlled Garibaldi and had turned nationalism into conservative direction
    2.Venice 1866 Rome 1870


  4. Growing Socialist Movementopposed to patriotic republican nationalism


  5. The opposition consisted of what?republicans, monarchists, and liberals


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