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  1. leon Gambetta
  2. greatest success was...
  3. Nationalism= 2 masks
  4. Army crushing Commune led to...
  5. How did middle class see Sardinia
  1. a narrowly liberal and democratic radical
  2. b national unity
  3. c liberal, progressive, suited to achieve unification
  4. d preached a republic of equal opportunity, proposed parliamentary supremacy between 1877-1879
  5. e the economy

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  1. South joined Sardinia(North) and Victor Emmanuel and Garibaldi shook hands
  2. Always wins last victory
  3. 1871
  4. Urban Workers
  5. Led Sardinia 1850-1861

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  1. Duty of state and leader...provide jobs and stimulate economy. All classes would benefit by such action


  2. Victor Emmanuel And GaribaldiRode through naples symbolizing union of north and south


  3. How were these tasks to be done?By direct democracy with his sovereignty uncorrupted by politicians and legislative body


  4. How did he manipulate economy?he did not abolish the Assembly but only restricted it


  5. TuscanyShared North Central Italy


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