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  1. effect of this?
  2. Section I:Napoleon III in France
  3. German armies defeated republicans...
  4. How did he manipulate economy?
  5. New constitution description
  1. a 1.government encouraged new investment banks and massive railroad construction (Heart of Industrial Revolution)
  2. b Section I:Napoleon III in France
  3. c 1871
  4. d combined parliamentary regime with emperor as chief of state
  5. e South joined Sardinia(North) and Victor Emmanuel and Garibaldi shook hands

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  1. govern paris without interference from the conservative french countryside
  2. Garibaldi Guerilla lands (red shirts)
  3. Granted right to strike and form unions
  4. By direct democracy with his sovereignty uncorrupted by politicians and legislative body
  5. gave Assembly greater powers and opposition candidates greater freedom

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  1. Why did they encourage teachers to marry and both husband and wife teach at same location?1. provided a vivid contrast to celibate nuns
    2. married women or men would cope with potential loneliness and social isolation of unfamiliar towns and villages
    3. Worried about birth rate


  2. How they wanted to create whole new universal secular culture?he did not abolish the Assembly but only restricted it


  3. July 1859Nap iii made peace with Austria at Villafranca


  4. Tuscanywrote Syllabus of Error and opposed rationalism, socialism, seperation of church and state and religious liberty


  5. iii: Nation Building Italy and GermanyUnder italian monarch


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