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  1. Cavour's goals
  2. the papacy (thoughts on unification )
  3. Sub Section Napoleon III's Second Empire
  4. Who did king william call to defy the parliament?
  5. Victor Emmanuel
  1. a they opposed unification
  2. b Sub Section Napoleon III's Second Empire
  3. c Otto Von Bismarck (este güey es perro)
  4. d Sardinia's Monarch
  5. e 1.sought unity only for the states of northern and perhaps central italy for sardinia so that sardinia could become big
    2.wanted to make Sardinia capable of leading northern italy

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  1. Rode through naples symbolizing union of north and south
  2. Nap iii so he could go against Austria
  3. ideas of nationhood and popular sovereignty
  4. 1.Junker
    2.Flexible and open pursuing one policy and another\
    3.Took office as chief minister in 1862
  5. Romantics created a legend out of Napoleon Bonaparte Karl Marx stressed that middle class and property owners wanted a tough leader

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  1. 2.Vincenzo GiobertyCalled for federation of states under presidency of pope


  2. Cavour Supported Garibaldy why?to get rid of him and use him
    he supported plan to liberate the kingdom of two Sicilies


  3. sub section: Second Republic and Louis Napoleonsub section: Second Republic and Louis Napoleon


  4. Germany Before BismarckGermany Before Bismarck


  5. how did he liberalize his empireBy direct democracy with his sovereignty uncorrupted by politicians and legislative body


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