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  1. Alfred Dreyfus
  2. Effects of Dreyfus Affair or trial?
  3. Parliament in Prussia
  4. How they wanted to create whole new universal secular culture?
  5. they were more patriotic now
  1. a 1. Hiring women
  2. b they were more patriotic now
  3. c 1. salaries of priests and bishops no longer paid
    2. Catholic schools left on their own
  4. d convicted of treason but proven innocent
  5. e the hands of liberal middle class
    2. wanted society to be less militaristic
    3.wanted to establish parliament as ultimate power

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  1. 1.sought unity only for the states of northern and perhaps central italy for sardinia so that sardinia could become big
    2.wanted to make Sardinia capable of leading northern italy
  2. Germany Before Bismarck
  3. sub section: Second Republic and Louis Napoleon
  4. Rode through naples symbolizing union of north and south
  5. preached a republic of equal opportunity, proposed parliamentary supremacy between 1877-1879

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  1. Central Italy and RomeRuled by papacy


  2. What did Otto declare concerning government?govern paris without interference from the conservative french countryside


  3. Why did they encourage teachers to marry and both husband and wife teach at same location?1. provided a vivid contrast to celibate nuns
    2. married women or men would cope with potential loneliness and social isolation of unfamiliar towns and villages
    3. Worried about birth rate


  4. what did paris commune wantan attack on rome would cause war with France and he feared Garibaldi's radicalism and popular appeal( Feared things might turn against him)


  5. Constitution March1848 Sardinialiberal, progressive, suited to achieve unification


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