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  1. Germany Before Bismarck
  2. Public Opinion
  3. Sardinia ended up with..
  4. election of gov candidates and defeat of opposition
  5. What did Otto declare concerning government?
  1. a Always wins last victory
  2. b Lombardy and area around Milan
  3. c Germany Before Bismarck
  4. d was key to roads, tax rebates, and a thousand other local concerns
  5. e Government can rule without parliamentary consent

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  1. These new leaders surrendered Alsace and Lorraine to Germany
  2. Nap iii so he could go against Austria
  3. Granted right to strike and form unions
  4. taken by Metternich's Austria
  5. Ruled by Bourbons for 100 years

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  1. when did Louis Napoleon win?Granted new constitution


  2. the papacy (thoughts on unification )combined parliamentary regime with emperor as chief of state


  3. third alternativestrengthen by failures of 1848


  4. What did he do to the assembly?an attack on rome would cause war with France and he feared Garibaldi's radicalism and popular appeal( Feared things might turn against him)


  5. Victor EmmanuelSardinia's Monarch


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