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  1. what did pro-sardinians in central italy do?
  2. How was new kingdom of Italy?
  3. Otton Von Bismarck
  4. According to Louis Napoleon government should...
  5. How did the republicans sought to mantain the 3rd republic?
  1. a 1.Ruled by Victor Emmanuel neither radical nor democratic,
    2.only small minority of males had right to vote,
    3.propierted classes and common people were divided
    4. Italy united on paper but there was division
  2. b revolt and drove out their princes so central people voted and italy called for fusion with Sardinia
  3. c 1.Junker
    2.Flexible and open pursuing one policy and another\
    3.Took office as chief minister in 1862
  4. d represent the people and help them economically
  5. e winning the hearts and minds of the next generation

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  1. looked for leadership like in Sardinia
  2. Government created public work like rebuilding paris
  3. Sub Section Napoleon III's Second Empire
  4. 3 approaches to unity
  5. Otto Von Bismarck (este güey es perro)

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  1. Central Italy and RomeRuled by papacy


  2. Why did they encourage teachers to marry and both husband and wife teach at same location?ideas of nationhood and popular sovereignty


  3. Description of Presidency of Louis Napoleonsub section: Second Republic and Louis Napoleon


  4. What did Otto declare concerning government?Government can rule without parliamentary consent


  5. CavourLed Sardinia 1850-1861


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