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  1. William I of prussia
  2. cavour and garibaldy in italy
  3. Nationalism= 2 masks
  4. 1870 Louis Napoleon...
  5. Victor Emmanuel And Garibaldi
  1. a cavour and garibaldy in italy
  2. b replaced Frederick William the IV and wanted to double his army which meant bigger defense budget and higher taxes
  3. c narrowly liberal and democratic radical
  4. d Granted new constitution
  5. e Rode through naples symbolizing union of north and south

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  1. Sardinia's Monarch
  2. 1860-Garibaldi emerged as independent force in italian politics
  3. Jules Ferry
  4. 1.Ruled by Victor Emmanuel neither radical nor democratic,
    2.only small minority of males had right to vote,
    3.propierted classes and common people were divided
    4. Italy united on paper but there was division
  5. 3 approaches to unity

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  1. The opposition consisted of what?republicans, monarchists, and liberals


  2. iii: Nation Building Italy and GermanyRuled by papacy


  3. election of gov candidates and defeat of opposition1. salaries of priests and bishops no longer paid
    2. Catholic schools left on their own


  4. sub section: Second Republic and Louis Napoleon1.4 year term 2.share power with a conservative national assembly


  5. Where was state headingstrengthen by failures of 1848


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