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  1. Nationalism= 2 masks
  2. May 1860
  3. How was new kingdom of Italy?
  4. Germany Before Bismarck
  5. 1.Giuseppe Mazzini
  1. a Germany Before Bismarck
  2. b 1.Ruled by Victor Emmanuel neither radical nor democratic,
    2.only small minority of males had right to vote,
    3.propierted classes and common people were divided
    4. Italy united on paper but there was division
  3. c preached a centralized democratic republic based on universal male suffrage and will of people
    seen as quixotic and too radical
  4. d narrowly liberal and democratic radical
  5. e Garibaldi Guerilla lands (red shirts)

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  1. strengthen by failures of 1848
  2. sub section: Second Republic and Louis Napoleon
  3. replaced Frederick William the IV and wanted to double his army which meant bigger defense budget and higher taxes
  4. Lombardy and area around Milan
  5. 1.sought unity only for the states of northern and perhaps central italy for sardinia so that sardinia could become big
    2.wanted to make Sardinia capable of leading northern italy

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  1. Parliament in PrussiaLead National Assembly


  2. Cavour Supported Garibaldy why?to get rid of him and use him
    he supported plan to liberate the kingdom of two Sicilies


  3. The third way to unitelooked for leadership like in Sardinia


  4. Why did they encourage teachers to marry and both husband and wife teach at same location?1. provided a vivid contrast to celibate nuns
    2. married women or men would cope with potential loneliness and social isolation of unfamiliar towns and villages
    3. Worried about birth rate


  5. Who was unsatisfied?Urban Workers


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