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  1. Nationalism= 2 masks
  2. effect of this?
  3. Sardinia ended up with..
  4. Cavour's goals
  5. William I of prussia
  1. a Lombardy and area around Milan
  2. b 1.sought unity only for the states of northern and perhaps central italy for sardinia so that sardinia could become big
    2.wanted to make Sardinia capable of leading northern italy
  3. c South joined Sardinia(North) and Victor Emmanuel and Garibaldi shook hands
  4. d replaced Frederick William the IV and wanted to double his army which meant bigger defense budget and higher taxes
  5. e narrowly liberal and democratic radical

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  1. ideas of nationhood and popular sovereignty
  2. Sardinia's Monarch
  3. 1st-Had the same name as his uncle (Napoleon Bonaparte) 2nd-He was a tough ruler 3rd-had a positive program for France
  4. liberal, progressive, suited to achieve unification
  5. These new leaders surrendered Alsace and Lorraine to Germany

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  1. Free compulsory educationcombined parliamentary regime with emperor as chief of state


  2. Constitution March1848 Sardiniacombined parliamentary regime with emperor as chief of state


  3. What did he do to the assembly?he did not abolish the Assembly but only restricted it


  4. Description of Presidency of Louis Napoleon1.4 year term 2.share power with a conservative national assembly


  5. How was the leader linked to people?Strong, authoritarian, national leader who would serve all people: rich and poor


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