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  1. anagenesis
  2. derived
  3. Sites
  4. convergent evolution
  5. heterochrony
  1. a in biological evolutions, a process by which unrelated populations develop similarities to one another due to similar function rather than shared ancestry
  2. b a sustained directional shift in populations average characteristics
  3. c characteristics that define a group of organisms and that did not exist in ancestral populations; modified from ancestral condition, thus traits that are diognostic of particular evolutionary lineages
  4. d places containing archaeological remains of previous human activity are known as sites
  5. e change in the timing of developmental events that is often responsible for changes in the shape or size of a body part

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  1. preserved fecal material providing evidence of the diet and health of past organisms
  2. the process of forming new species
  3. rapid diversification of an evolving population as it adapts to a variety of available niches
  4. a system for recording data in 3 dimensions for an archaeological excavation
  5. when two closely related species compete for the same niche, one will out-compete the other, bring about the latters' extinction

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  1. stratifieda layer in a stratified site


  2. absolute/chronometric datinga technique for relative dating based on the fact that the amount of fluorine in bones is proportional to their age


  3. endocasta cast of the inside of a skull; used to help determine the size and shape of the brain


  4. stratuma layer in a stratified site


  5. sagittal cresta crest running from front to back on the top of the skull along the midline to provide surface of bone for the attachment of the large temporal muscles for chewing


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