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  1. absolute/chronometric dating
  2. middens
  3. palynology
  4. adaptive radiation
  5. seriation
  1. a a refuse or garbage disposal area in an archaeological site
  2. b a technique of relative dating based on changes in fossil pollen over time
  3. c a technique for relative dating based on putting groups of objects into a sequence fin relation to one another
  4. d rapid diversification of an evolving population as it adapts to a variety of available niches
  5. e in archeology and paleoanthropology, dating recovered material based on solar years, centuries, or other units of absolute time

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  1. a technique of chronometric dating based on measuring the amount of radioactive carbon (^14C) & carbon 12 which are in proportions identical to those found in the atmosphere, left in organic materials found in archaeological sites
  2. when two closely related species compete for the same niche, one will out-compete the other, bring about the latters' extinction
  3. a gene responsible for large-scale effects on growth abd development that are frequently responsible for major reorganization of body plans in organisms
  4. possessing characteristics that, by chance, are advantageous in future environmental fluctuations
  5. maps, documents, oral histories + folklore

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  1. taphonomythe study of how bones and other materials come to be preserved in the earth as fossils


  2. excavatedig sites in a controlled manner


  3. Macroevolutionevolution above the species level


  4. foramen magnumthe hole in which the spinal cord leaves the skull at it base


  5. Sitesa refuse or garbage disposal area in an archaeological site


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