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  1. diastema
  2. foramen magnum
  3. stratigraphy
  4. palynology
  5. soil mark
  1. a a stain that shows up on the surface of recently plowed fields that reveals an archaeological site
  2. b the most reliable method of relative dating by means of strata
  3. c a technique of relative dating based on changes in fossil pollen over time
  4. d the hole in which the spinal cord leaves the skull at it base
  5. e A space between the canines and other teeth allowing the large projecting canines to fit within the jaw

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  1. a layer in a stratified site
  2. a body from the netherlands in a peat bog
  3. the starting point, or reference, for a grid system
  4. a technique of chronometric dating that measures the ratio of radioactive potassium to argon in volcanic debris associated with human remains
  5. according to the theory of plate tectonics, the movement of continents embedded in underlying plates on the earth's surface in relation to one another over the history of life on earth

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  1. matrixearth immediately surrounding the fossil when the fossil is removed as a single block


  2. seriationAn archaeological technique employed to recover very tiny objects by immersion of soil samples in water to separate heavy from light particles.


  3. prehistorypossessing characteristics that, by chance, are advantageous in future environmental fluctuations


  4. speciationthe process of forming new species


  5. flourine datingIn archeology and paleoanthropology, designating an event, object, or fossil as being older or younger than another


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