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  1. punctuated equalibrium
  2. artifact
  3. law of competitive exclusion
  4. fossil
  5. Continental drift
  1. a any mineralized trace or impression of an organism that has been preserved in the earth's crust from past geologic time.
  2. b any object fashioned or altered by humans
  3. c a model of macroevolutionary change that suggests evolution occurs via long periods of stability or stasis punctuated by periods of rapid change
  4. d according to the theory of plate tectonics, the movement of continents embedded in underlying plates on the earth's surface in relation to one another over the history of life on earth
  5. e when two closely related species compete for the same niche, one will out-compete the other, bring about the latters' extinction

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  1. life in trees enhanced vision and dexterity
  2. a technique of relative dating based on changes in fossil pollen over time
  3. characteristics that define a group of organisms and that did not exist in ancestral populations; modified from ancestral condition, thus traits that are diognostic of particular evolutionary lineages
  4. speciation through a branching mechanism whereby an ancestral population gives rise to two or more descendant populations
  5. the natural remains of plants and animals found in the archaeological record

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  1. middensplaces containing archaeological remains of previous human activity are known as sites


  2. grid systemA space between the canines and other teeth allowing the large projecting canines to fit within the jaw


  3. foramen magnuma stain that shows up on the surface of recently plowed fields that reveals an archaeological site


  4. heterochronya technique of chronometric dating based on the number of rings of growth found in a tree trunk.


  5. bipedalismthe process of forming new species


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