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  1. true fossilization
  2. prehistory
  3. fossil
  4. isolating mechanism
  5. preadapted
  1. a mineralization of bone
  2. b a factor that seperates breeding populations, thereby preventing gene flow, creating divergent subspecies and ultimately (if maintained) divergent species
  3. c A conventional term used to refer to the period of time before the appearance of written records; does not deny the existence of history, merely of written history
  4. d any mineralized trace or impression of an organism that has been preserved in the earth's crust from past geologic time.
  5. e possessing characteristics that, by chance, are advantageous in future environmental fluctuations

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  1. maps, documents, oral histories + folklore
  2. characteristics that define a group of organisms and that did not exist in ancestral populations; modified from ancestral condition, thus traits that are diognostic of particular evolutionary lineages
  3. life in trees enhanced vision and dexterity
  4. In archeology and paleoanthropology, designating an event, object, or fossil as being older or younger than another
  5. a layer in a stratified site

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  1. middensplaces containing archaeological remains of previous human activity are known as sites


  2. law of competitive exclusionrapid diversification of an evolving population as it adapts to a variety of available niches


  3. material culturethe durable aspects of culture, such as tools, structures, and art


  4. matrixa non-profitable element such as a hearth or an architectural element such as a wall that is preserved in the archaeological record


  5. stratifieda layer in a stratified site


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