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  1. Evaluating a child's communicative functioning in each area is important for what 2 purposes?
  2. If the child is using a wide range of ____________________, then the child is moving toward normal semantic and syntactic development
  3. What guidelines should parents following when working with their children?
  4. To assess a toddler's comprehension, we measure...
  5. Name the 3 characteristics of MILIEU TEACHING TECHNIQUES
  1. a Follow child's lead by imitating actions, sounds, & words that the child produces.
    Provide words to match the child's actions and activities.
    Let the child choose the topic, activity, or material.
    Comment on something the child is already focused on.
  2. b 1.Developing a prognosis.
    2.Devising a treatment plan.
  3. c semantic relations
  4. d comprehension of questions, requests and commands
  5. e 1.Desirable materials/activities are visible, but out of reach. 2.Wait for interest, prompt communication (15 sec.).
    3.Or provide model for child to imitate (15 sec.).

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  1. Other
  2. Extended multiple play episode level. 3 different related actions with the toy in the sequence are demonstrated.
  3. Because they get more speech from their children to expand and extend upon.
  4. pervasive, vulnerable
  5. focused and specific

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  1. What are the child's additional risk factors? If the child is less than 30 months, Paul suggestsGives the child a clear set of examples of how language is used to describe experience. Allows children to try out their new understanding in their own production.


  2. When using Prelinguistic Milieu Teaching Methods, how should you Build social routines?Provide specific consequences that are brief, positive and embedded within the ongoing interaction.


  3. To assess a toddler's communication skills, we measure...Use of gaze shifts, expression of positive or negative affect.


  4. How can we increase the child's communication from vocalization to words?Up the ante-withhold responding until child produces vocal behavior.Only those vocalizations that include CONSONANTS help to move child in direction of words.Don't reward vocalizations, e.g., grunts, whines, & uh-uh.Acknowledge communication; say, "You want it; tell me..."


  5. 'No cookie' is an example of what semantic relation?disappearance


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