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  1. Are functional or symbolic play skills present? If it's a problem, the speech language pathologist should
  2. Is the child's linguistic comprehension appropriate for the developmental level? If that is a problem area, Paul suggests increasing
  3. .What type of goal is an ideal context for parent involvement?
  4. Why do mothers of normally developing children have more opportunities to expand/extend the child's communication?
  5. Are nonverbal intentional communicative skills present? If it's a problem, treatment should include
  1. a Because they get more speech from their children to expand and extend upon.
  2. b Both expressive and receptive skills through the use of focused stimulation and ILS (Indirect language stimulation).
  3. c Provide opportunities in intervention for the child to observe,model, and imitate conventional and symbolic uses of objects in play contexts.
  4. d Symbolic play goals
  5. e Work to increase nonverbal communication using modeling and communication temptations.

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  1. Facilitation strategies of caregiver and acquisition stgrategies of child.
  2. 1.Vocal models
  3. Inspect the 'Other' utterances to see whether they are encoding higher level semantic relations.
  4. Speech-motor and hearing.
  5. recurrence

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  1. If higher-level semantic relations are being conveyed frequently, it suggests that the child is exhibiting....1. Time- (go now)
    2.Manner-(go fast)
    3.Sequence -(eat [then] drink)
    4.Causality (cry [because] hurt)


  2. Which is easier to elicit, Proto-imperatives or proto-declaratives?Proto-imperatives


  3. .In a symbolic behavior goal we need to indicate a currentSetting the goals for the child's intervention program.


  4. How can you provide natural Consequences?Honor child's expressed intentions.
    Provide acknowledgement of communication.
    Provide linguistic mapping-translate child's action to a word.


  5. The clinician should consult with parents as toWhat they want the child to learn and how much of the intervention they would like to deliver themselves.


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