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  1. Clinician directed intervention also has important secondary effects in that it
  2. When using ILS, what are some techniques the adult should use?
  3. .In a symbolic behavior goal we need to indicate a current
  4. 'Throw chair' (Throw it onto the chair) is an example of what semantic relation?
  5. To assess a toddler's caregiver/child interactions, we measure...
  1. a Facilitation strategies of caregiver and acquisition stgrategies of child.
  2. b Helps to alleviate and reduce parent stress.
  3. c action-locative
  4. d Level of functioning for Johnny,where he is starting at.
  5. e Expansions, extensions, recasts, open-ended Qs, and verbal reflective Qs.

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  1. Phonology, lexical production, and semantic-syntactic production.
  2. Indirect language strategies
  3. Acknowledge the message was received.Let child know his method was unacceptable.
    Provide a more acceptable way of communicating. ("If you want it, point to it, and I'll give you one.")
  4. The parents and the clinician.
  5. What they want the child to learn and how much of the intervention they would like to deliver themselves.

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  1. If higher-level semantic relations are being conveyed frequently, it suggests that the child is exhibiting....Parent implemented intervention will encourage generalization more quickly and may encourage social skills as well as communication with the child.


  2. How can we Increase Frequency Of Intentionality?Accept any form of intentional behavior. Impute intent to some behavior we do observe, treat it as communicative, and respond accordingly.
    Ex: If he scratches his face, give him the ball.


  3. How can you provide natural Consequences?1.Vocal models


  4. "Semantic utterances coded as ""other"" are typically about what percent of the sample for toddlers?30%


  5. .If the child is only using gestures, what do we do?The results of the evaluation we've done.


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