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  1. To assess a toddler's general developmental level, we measure...
  2. How can we teach the child more words he can use to express himself ?
  3. What is the level of play for this goal?
  4. What are some things that ILS provides to children?
  5. Many programs have been developed that use parents as the _________________. Some of these programs involve teaching parents the clinician directed, hybrid or child centered approaches to elicit language
  1. a primary agents of intervention.
  2. b We can provide models for the child in play contexts through the use of indirect language stimulation techniques.
  3. c Gives the child a clear set of examples of how language is used to describe experience. Allows children to try out their new understanding in their own production.
  4. d Extended multiple play episode level. 3 different related actions with the toy in the sequence are demonstrated.
  5. e Cognitive development and symbolic behavior.

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  1. We want them to initiate communication spontaneously but we have to somehow get them to do it.
  2. Proto-declaratives
  3. Level of functioning for Johnny,where he is starting at.
  4. Enhancing the advanced conceptual development with appropriate play contexts and attempting to provide the child with a more conventional means for expressing his ideas.
  5. Increase the communication maturity from gesture, to vocalization, and then to words.

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  1. When using Prelinguistic Milieu Teaching Methods, how can you Use SCRIPT INTERVENTION?Establish routines & then violate the routine. Withhold a turn, etc.


  2. To assess a toddler's social / affective signaling, we measure...comprehension of questions, requests and commands


  3. When using Prelinguistic Milieu Teaching Methods, how should you Build social routines?Place desired materials in view but out of reach. Violate the expected order of events.


  4. Most clients in the emerging language stage will be served through an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) with a special focus onPositive facilitative parent child interactions.


  5. The consequences of language delay for a child's social and cognitive development can be _____________. Language is one of the most ________________ functions in a young child's developmentpervasive, vulnerable


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