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  1. Only those vocalizations that include ______________________ help to move child in direction of words
  2. Higher level semantic relations have to do with what 4 concepts?
  3. "Johnny will demonstrate symbolic play at the extended multiple play episode level as demonstrated in at least five different contexts in at least two different settings.2 different settings."
    What would be some examples?
  4. What can we do to get children to initiate communication?
  5. .The treatment program for children at the emerging language stage is a bit more ________________________ than at the pre-linguistic stage
  1. a 1. Time- (go now)
    2.Manner-(go fast)
    3.Sequence -(eat [then] drink)
    4.Causality (cry [because] hurt)
  2. b focused and specific
  3. c consonants
  4. d For example, home and clinic.
  5. e Use a hybrid type of intervention and use communicative temptations, Milieu teaching, or script intervention."

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  1. Place desired materials in view but out of reach. Violate the expected order of events.
  2. Proto-declaratives
  3. 1.Developing a prognosis.
    2.Devising a treatment plan.
  4. It helps kids learn how to direct our attention to topics on which they're focused.
  5. Demonstrative-entity

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  1. What are some considerations when teaching the "withholding responses" technique to parents to encourage the child to produce the targeted behavior?Emphasize parents did not cause the problem by responding to the child's immature productions.
    Parents should continue to anticipate child's needs at least some of the time.
    Occasional playful violations of routines and communication temptations are appropriate by parents.
    Children should feel parents will continue to respond to their communicative attempts.
    This may be one area where direct services by the SLP are more appropriate until a repertoire of consonant-containing vocalizations has been established.


  2. How can we increase the child's communication from gestures to vocalization?Up the ante-withhold responding until child produces vocal behavior.Only those vocalizations that include CONSONANTS help to move child in direction of words.Don't reward vocalizations, e.g., grunts, whines, & uh-uh.Acknowledge communication; say, "You want it; tell me..."


  3. 'All gone cookie' is an example of what semantic relation?disappearance


  4. When using ILS, what are some techniques the adult should use?We want them to initiate communication spontaneously but we have to somehow get them to do it.


  5. Give an example of expansion/extensionGive a one-word label to an object and then expand/extend on it. This models how simple language can be built upon and used. Example- Child-"Doll." Adult-"Pretty doll! It's a pretty doll."


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