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  1. deuterocanonical
  2. The Four Aims of Dvija
  3. Varnashramadharma
  4. hermeneutics
  5. Agni
  1. a Kama, Aretha, Dharma, Moksha
  2. b a sacraficial fire, supposed to be a mouth to the gods. There is one kept in the temple, in the school, and in the home.
  3. c the art of interpretation
  4. d second-order, interpretations and comments about protocanonical
  5. e class, peer group, duty, One social duty according to class and peer group. Your place in life.

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  1. the seers, wrote the vedas
  2. our meaning systems or world
  3. priestly caste
  4. "color" caste
  5. person, primordial, sacrafices himself into the caste. Four parts. Head, arms, legs, and feet.

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  1. shruti"what is heard," revelation, the Vedas


  2. Shudradestroyer


  3. exegesisbring specific goals to the process of interpretation


  4. karma"pleasure"


  5. fundamental oralityreligions were first based on the oral recitation


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