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  1. Daivi Vak
  2. Shudra
  3. shruti
  4. ontology
  5. Purusha
  1. a Laborers (in here are pariahs)
  2. b person, primordial, sacrafices himself into the caste. Four parts. Head, arms, legs, and feet.
  3. c hindu concept, god's word is around us all the time; we need only to tune into it.
  4. d our meaning systems or world
  5. e "what is heard," revelation, the Vedas

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  1. "action," what goes around comes around. Do good deeds now and you will reach moksha or return as a higher caste.
  2. second-order, interpretations and comments about protocanonical
  3. "twice born," the first three castes. Between the ages of 6 and 12 would study the Vedas with a guru.
  4. universal sound of Hinduism and Buddhism. The sound the of the universe and nature. The cycle of rebirth.
  5. chant, sometimes untranslatable. The one who speaks them recieves power from the chants.

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  1. moksha"wealth, status"


  2. hermeneuticsthe art of interpretation


  3. Agnia sacraficial fire, supposed to be a mouth to the gods. There is one kept in the temple, in the school, and in the home.


  4. isegesisa close reading of a selection of texts, payings special attention to word choice.


  5. Vaishyamerchants


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