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Religion 150: Sacred Texts: Exam #1: Hinduism Test

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  1. Agni
  2. canon
  3. Varnashramadharma
  4. mantra
  5. fundamental orality
  1. a class, peer group, duty, One social duty according to class and peer group. Your place in life.
  2. b chant, sometimes untranslatable. The one who speaks them recieves power from the chants.
  3. c authoritative collection of texts
  4. d religions were first based on the oral recitation
  5. e a sacraficial fire, supposed to be a mouth to the gods. There is one kept in the temple, in the school, and in the home.

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  1. "ignorance" we refuse to see that atman and brahman are the same
  2. "what is remembered," tradition, second class texts
  3. "illusion" the world is shaped by our fears and desires. we cannot see past to see that atman and brahman are the same
  4. warriors, soliders
  5. liberation. Realizing that life is not maya, but everything is brahman. Release from the cycle of samsara.

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  1. Visnu"color" caste


  2. Vaishyain Hinduism, the seventh incarnation of the god Vishnu


  3. karma"action," what goes around comes around. Do good deeds now and you will reach moksha or return as a higher caste.


  4. hermeneuticsa close reading of a selection of texts, payings special attention to word choice.


  5. ontologyour meaning systems or world


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