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  1. karma
  2. Krishna
  3. Kshatriyas
  4. isegesis
  5. maya
  1. a "action," what goes around comes around. Do good deeds now and you will reach moksha or return as a higher caste.
  2. b bring specific goals to the process of interpretation
  3. c "illusion" the world is shaped by our fears and desires. we cannot see past to see that atman and brahman are the same
  4. d warriors, soliders
  5. e in Hinduism, the seventh incarnation of the god Vishnu

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  1. Student, Householder, Forest dweller, and World-renouncer/ascetic
  2. destroyer
  3. "pleasure"
  4. hindu concept, god's word is around us all the time; we need only to tune into it.
  5. class, peer group, duty, One social duty according to class and peer group. Your place in life.

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  1. deuterocanonicalsecond-order, interpretations and comments about protocanonical


  2. Rsia sacraficial fire, supposed to be a mouth to the gods. There is one kept in the temple, in the school, and in the home.


  3. The Four Aims of DvijaStudent, Householder, Forest dweller, and World-renouncer/ascetic


  4. ontologychant, sometimes untranslatable. The one who speaks them recieves power from the chants.


  5. caste"casta" portuegese for class


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