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  1. Describe the National Security Council:
  2. How is the number of Electoral Votes for a State Decided?
  3. What is the State of the Union Address?
  4. Political Appointees-
  5. Main job of the National Security Council:
  1. a A person appointed to a federal position by the president
  2. b Helps the president direct the U.S. military and police
  3. c By the # of Senate and Representative votes
  4. d Direct the U.S. military and foreign policy
  5. e In which the president discusses the most important issues facing the nation

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  1. Agencies and the employees of the executive branch of government
  2. An agreement among a group of nations that prohibits them all from trading with a target nation
  3. A nation's overall plan for dealing with other nations
  4. An effort to punish another nation by imposing trade barries
  5. 1. At least 35 years old
    2. A native - born american citizen
    3. Resident of the United States for at least 14 years

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  1. What is the largest EOP agency?In which the president discusses the most important issues facing the nation


  2. Describe the President's role as Legislative Leader:Every president has a legislative. These are new laws that the president wants congress to pass. The president makes speeches to build support for this program and meets with key senators and representatives to try to persuade them to support the proposed laws.


  3. First Women to head the National Security Council was:Condeleezza Rice


  4. Electoral College-A group of people named by each state legislature to select the president and vice president


  5. What is the Term limit for the Presidential Office?Every four year election


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