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  1. gridlines
  2. name manager
  3. number
  4. format painter
  5. excel help
  1. a allows you to manage all of the names you create in a workbook. With the Name Manager, you can create additional names, edit names, and delete names
  2. b copies the formatting from one cell and applies that formatting to a specified cell or range of cells
  3. c provides the user with assistance on how to work in Excel and how to use Excel features and functions
  4. d number formatting option that displays a numerical value with two numbers after the decimal place
  5. e light blue lines on an Excel worksheet that show users the boundaries for each cell

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  1. number formatting option used for monetary values to line up the currency symbols and decimal points, with the currency symbols displayed just to the left of the monetary value in each cell
  2. dialog box containing all of the options available for formatting cells in an Excel worksheet
  3. is located on the right side of the Status Bar, displays the current magnification percent, and can be clicked on to make changes to the magnification percent
  4. displays the cell address of the active cell or the name of a selected cell or range of cells that has been named
  5. an element of an Excel worksheet that is created by the intersection of a row and column

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  1. clear content, clear format, clear alla group of two or more adjacent cells


  2. excel workbooka single spreadsheet in an Excel workbook that can be used to display various types of data and/or graphics


  3. dialog box launchera window that contains a set of options for one or more Excel commands


  4. formula baris located at the very bottom of the Excel workbook, indicates what mode you are in, provides summary information about selected cells containing data, allows you to change the view of your worksheet, and provides zoom options


  5. tabsan element of an Excel worksheet that is created by the intersection of a row and column


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