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  1. ribbon
  2. cell address
  3. excel worksheet
  4. name box
  5. live preview
  1. a indicates where each cell is located by identifying the column and row that intersect to create the cell
  2. b the area above an Excel worksheet that contains all of the Excel commands, which allow users to perform tasks as they work with data in Excel
  3. c a special Excel feature that allows the user to move the mouse pointer over an option and see the effect it would have on the worksheet before selecting that option
  4. d displays the cell address of the active cell or the name of a selected cell or range of cells that has been named
  5. e a single spreadsheet in an Excel workbook that can be used to display various types of data and/or graphics

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  1. provides the user with assistance on how to work in Excel and how to use Excel features and functions
  2. a button located on the Ribbon that opens up a dialog box when clicked on
  3. used for some Excel commands to display small graphic visuals that show the effect each option would have on the worksheet
  4. a group of two or more adjacent cells
  5. number formatting option that displays a numerical value with two numbers after the decimal place

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  1. shortcut menupops up when you right-click on a cell in an Excel worksheet and displays a list of several other commonly used commands that aren't shown in the Mini Toolbar


  2. name managerallows you to manage all of the names you create in a workbook. With the Name Manager, you can create additional names, edit names, and delete names


  3. active cellan element of an Excel worksheet that is created by the intersection of a row and column


  4. formula bardisplays the data the user has entered into the active cell


  5. status baris located at the very bottom of the Excel workbook, indicates what mode you are in, provides summary information about selected cells containing data, allows you to change the view of your worksheet, and provides zoom options


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