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  1. Facile
  2. Provincial
  3. mar
  4. Deviate
  5. Hackneyed
  1. a easily accomplished or attained
  2. b limited in outlook; lacking the polish of urban society; unsophisticated
  3. c to detract from the perfection or wholeness of: spoil
  4. d to depart from an established course or norm
  5. e lacking in freshness or originality

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  1. averse to activity, effort, or movement : habitually lazy
  2. excessive in behavior
  3. harsh or biting sharpness especially of words, manner, or disposition
  4. harshly critical or expressing censure
  5. to steal in small quantities

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  1. Inordinatelyoverly or excessively


  2. Panachedash or flamboyance in style and action


  3. Bequeathto depart from an established course or norm


  4. Eradicateto do away with as completely as if by pulling up by the roots


  5. CapaciousContaining or capable of containing a great deal


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