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  1. impetus
  2. Saturated
  3. Chaos
  4. forlorn
  5. amiss
  1. a a force that produces motion or action; impulse
  2. b Extreme confusion or disorder
  3. c a sense of aloneness and sadness
  4. d out of proper order; wrong
  5. e Soaked with moisture; drenched

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  1. too great to be measured or counted
  2. Getting along well and successfully; thriving
  3. To guide or direct through a series of movements
  4. Tremendous: amazing
  5. Something make known to others

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  1. IlluminateTo state at greater length or in greater detail


  2. Elaborateto search for what one wants or needs especially for food


  3. tantalizingrecovering, gradually from an illness


  4. recedeTo go on again; continue


  5. devastatingSomething make known to others


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