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  1. Pandemonium
  2. wan
  3. amiss
  4. multitude
  5. Stupendous
  1. a Tremendous: amazing
  2. b A noisy upset; a wild uproar
  3. c sickly;pale
  4. d out of proper order; wrong
  5. e a very great number

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  1. To light up
  2. to become fainter and more distant
  3. Believability
  4. to make part of another thing; merge
  5. extremely destructive; devestate

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  1. DiscreetCareful about what one says or does


  2. RevelationSomething make known to others


  3. FlourishingGetting along well and successfully; thriving


  4. forlornto search for what one wants or needs especially for food


  5. ConfirmTo make certain


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