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  1. Diverted
  2. multitude
  3. Flourishing
  4. gaudy
  5. incalcuable
  1. a a very great number
  2. b Turned away direct
  3. c Getting along well and successfully; thriving
  4. d too great to be measured or counted
  5. e excessivley bright and showy

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  1. sickly;pale
  2. Disgusting
  3. To guide or direct through a series of movements
  4. extremely destructive; devestate
  5. To reject or turn down scornfully

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  1. Elaborateto search for what one wants or needs especially for food


  2. Pandemoniumextremely hungry; greedy


  3. tantalizingrecovering, gradually from an illness


  4. impetusout of proper order; wrong


  5. CredibilityAble to be heard


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