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Chappell 5th set Test

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  1. Diverted
  2. dwindle
  3. amiss
  4. Discreet
  5. forlorn
  1. a out of proper order; wrong
  2. b a sense of aloneness and sadness
  3. c Careful about what one says or does
  4. d Turned away direct
  5. e to become less, until little remains

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. easily affected or influenced
  2. to search for what one wants or needs especially for food
  3. a very great number
  4. Something make known to others
  5. To state at greater length or in greater detail

5 True/False Questions

  1. CredibilityBelievability


  2. PandemoniumA noisy upset; a wild uproar


  3. StupendousTremendous: amazing


  4. ConfirmTo make certain


  5. LoathsomeDisgusting


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