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  1. Concern about how others will judge us
  2. A process in thick responsibility for helping others is spread out among group members; thus, each member's responsibility is less than it would be if the person were alone
  3. The process of learning behaviors by viewing and imitating others.
  4. A process in which a person loses his or her sense of individuality an responsibility as the result of being in a group.
  5. A psychological felling of having too little space

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  1. CatharsisA supposed process in which a person gets rid of aggressive energy by viewing others acting aggressively.


  2. AttributionIn attribution theory the act of making judgments about the causes for another's behavior.


  3. Personal spaceAn "invisible bubble", or portable area, around each person; each of us tries to keep this space from being invaded


  4. AntecedentsIn attribution theory, the emotional responses, behavior, and expectations that result from the attribution.


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