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  1. In attribution theory, the emotional responses, behavior, and expectations that result from the attribution.
  2. A situation in which the risk associated with an act is split among the members of a group; hence, the risk is smaller for each person.
  3. A process in thick responsibility for helping others is spread out among group members; thus, each member's responsibility is less than it would be if the person were alone
  4. In attribution theory, information and beliefs a person already has about another.
  5. Theory that describes how people explain the causes of behavior. The process includes antecedents, attribution theory, and consequences.

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  1. AttributionIn attribution theory the act of making judgments about the causes for another's behavior.


  2. Imitation learningA supposed process in which a person gets rid of aggressive energy by viewing others acting aggressively.


  3. DensityThe number of people per square foot in a given space


  4. Evaluation apprehensionConcern about how others will judge us


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