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  1. quitar
  2. la lechuga
  3. Como sardinas en lata.
  4. Hipotecar
  5. el salchichón
  1. a to take away
  2. b lettuce
  3. c to mortage
  4. d salami
  5. e Like sardines in a can.

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  1. to get, to obtain
  2. If you want an egg you have to lay it yourself.
  3. hits
  4. the rehabilitation
  5. Rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

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  1. ahogarseto get lost


  2. perderseto get lost


  3. el consuladothe consulate


  4. el pasaportethe passport


  5. Llegar a Nueba Yol es como llegar a la gloria.Nueba Yol is like heaven.


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