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  1. El seguro
  2. Hipotecar
  3. Dios le da barba al que no tiene quijada.
  4. paliza/pescozones/fuetazos
  5. Relajar
  1. a to mortage
  2. b the insurance
  3. c hits
  4. d Rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
  5. e to joke around

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  1. the consulate
  2. flu, common cold
  3. to take away
  4. If you want an egg you have to lay it yourself.
  5. to get lost

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  1. los balazosgun shots


  2. Es culpa tuya.It is your fault.


  3. el pasaportethe insurance


  4. Con amigos como tú no se necesitan enemigos.With friends like you enemies are not needed.


  5. malagradecida/oflu, common cold


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