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World War II Test

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  1. All Holocaust survivors had a number tattoed on thei arm.
  2. Mussolini was an ally to Hitler
  3. Germany, Italy, and Japan.
  4. war crimes
  5. The Nazi-Soviet Pact kept Hitler and Stalin (Germany and Russia) at peace.
  1. a wartime acts of cruelty and brutality that are judged to be beyond the accepted rules of war and human behaviors
  2. b What did all Holocaust death camp survivors have with them until they died?
  3. c Who led the Axis powers?
  4. d What was the Nazi-Soviet Pact of 1939?
  5. e Why was Mussolini's dismissal a blow to Hitler?

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  1. a political system based on militarism, extreme nationalism, and blind loyalty to the state and its leader
  2. Who did Hitler betray on June 22, 1941? What was the result?
  3. What did Hitler do when the Soviets invaded Berlin?
  4. What other groups faced wartime restrictions due to their ethnicity?
  5. the act of setting limits on the amount of scarce goods people can buy.

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  1. The king of Italy haf Mussolini become prime minister because Mussolini threatened to over throw Italy's governmentWhy did the king of Italy appoint Mussolini prime minister?


  2. Hitler didn't conquer Britain because they never gave up, and so Hitler abandoned.Why was Hitler unable to conquer Britain?


  3. Victory in Japana conflict involving not just armies, but the entire nation.


  4. The Neutrality Act made it so the President couldn't sell arms, make loans, or give assistance to any nation at war. The goal was to keep the U.S. at peace.What was the Lend-Lease law?


  5. Go into war against or with Japan so they helped by being allies.What kind of units did African-Americans serve in?


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