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  1. To overcome the German opposition in France
  2. An outlining of America's goals for a postwar world
  3. Jews were banned from public schools They could not get a job or degree for medicine or law *Jews began to be rounded up and sent to labor camps
  4. Germany, Italy, and Japan.
  5. Made their own victory gardens Bought war bonds to help pay military costs *Americans issued ration coupons to purchase goods.
  1. a What was the Atlantic Charter?
  2. b What were the consequences of the anti-Semitic laws?
  3. c What 3 civilian efforts helped pay for the war and gave civilians a sense that they were helping?
  4. d Who led the Axis powers?
  5. e What was the goal of the D-Day invasion?

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  1. wartime acts of cruelty and brutality that are judged to be beyond the accepted rules of war and human behaviors
  2. How were the beliefs of the militarists in Japan like Hitler's Nazis?
  3. an extreme nationalist, became a leader to the National Socialist, or Nazi Party
  4. How did women serve in the armed forces during WWII?
  5. a warlike act by one country against another without a cause

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  1. Benito MussoliniIn 1929 he was a sole dictator of the Soviet Union and made the Soviet Union a totalitarian state


  2. Victory in Europe. The day Germany surrendered.Why was Mussolini's dismissal a blow to Hitler?


  3. Racisma political system based on militarism, extreme nationalism, and blind loyalty to the state and its leader


  4. fascismthe deliberate attempt to wipe out an entire nation or ethnic group


  5. Germany was now open on the east and west, and also running low on men.What was the significance of the Battle of Bulge?


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