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  1. Because the League of Nation's wouldn't do anything, and they wanted to expand.
  2. Hitler claimed that the Jews were the cause to the loss of WWI. The german people believed him because they all wanted somebody to blame for their losses and problems.
  3. genocide
  4. Dwight D. Eisenhower
  5. Douglas MacArthur
  1. a An American general that went to Morocco and Algeria
  2. b Why did the Japanese military attack China without the approval of the elected government?
  3. c What did Hitler claim had caused Germany to lose WWI? Why did the German people believe him?
  4. d the deliberate attempt to wipe out an entire nation or ethnic group
  5. e Commander of Filipino-American Force

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  1. What was V-E Day?
  2. How did the war end the Great Depression?
  3. a conflict involving not just armies, but the entire nation.
  4. Who did Stalin have killed in his attempt to control the Soviet Union?
  5. an extreme nationalist, became a leader to the National Socialist, or Nazi Party

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  1. An outlining of America's goals for a postwar worldWhat was the Atlantic Charter?


  2. Mussolini was an ally to Hitlera nation in which a single party controls the government and every aspect of people's lives


  3. braceroWhat lay at the core of Nazi beliefs?


  4. Germany was now open on the east and west, and also running low on men.What was V-E Day?


  5. Go into war against or with Japan so they helped by being allies.What did the attack on Pearl Harbor lead the U.S., Germany, and Italy to do?


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