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  1. Hitler betrayed Stalin, and so Stalin worked with Britain to bring down Germany.
  2. An outlining of America's goals for a postwar world
  3. intern
  4. Jews were banned from public schools They could not get a job or degree for medicine or law *Jews began to be rounded up and sent to labor camps
  5. Hitler claimed that the Jews were the cause to the loss of WWI. The german people believed him because they all wanted somebody to blame for their losses and problems.
  1. a What were the consequences of the anti-Semitic laws?
  2. b Who did Hitler betray on June 22, 1941? What was the result?
  3. c What was the Atlantic Charter?
  4. d What did Hitler claim had caused Germany to lose WWI? Why did the German people believe him?
  5. e temporarily imprison

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  1. a conflict involving not just armies, but the entire nation.
  2. The British prime minister
  3. What people were targeted by the Nazi's during the Holocaust?
  4. Why was Hitler unable to conquer Britain?
  5. What prompted Japan to attack Pearl Harbor?

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  1. To be re-elected 3 timesa nation in which a single party controls the government and every aspect of people's lives


  2. to come back and help the PhilippinesWhat promise did MacArthur keep in the Pacific?


  3. "Rosie the Riveter" was a fictional character that symbolizes all women who worked in the war.Why did Mexican workers move north during WWII?


  4. fascismWhat lay at the core of Nazi beliefs?


  5. For the first time in history Allied judges tried to prominent Nazis for putting the world into war and for death camps that killed millions.Why did the American commanders "island hop"?


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