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  1. Japan no longer controlled the Pacific.
  2. Fair Employment Practices Comittee a need for workers.
  3. Josef Stalin
  4. America signed a treaty with Mexico because America needed workers.
  5. island hopping
  1. a In 1929 he was a sole dictator of the Soviet Union and made the Soviet Union a totalitarian state
  2. b American forces would capture some Japanese-held islands and go around others
  3. c Why did Mexican workers move north during WWII?
  4. d Why was the Battle of Midway significant for the Allies?
  5. e What 2 factors contributed to African-Americans getting jobs that they had previously been denied?

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  1. a political system based on militarism, extreme nationalism, and blind loyalty to the state and its leader
  2. What was the new form of warfare at the Battle of the Coral Sea?
  3. suicide pilots crash their planes into enemies ships
  4. What was the Bataan Death March?
  5. wartime acts of cruelty and brutality that are judged to be beyond the accepted rules of war and human behaviors

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  1. Dwight D. Eisenhowera conflict involving not just armies, but the entire nation.


  2. Roosevelt died, so Truman took over.Inexperienced high-officer, used the atomic bomb on Japan. VP of Roosevelt


  3. braceroMexican laborers in the U.S.


  4. The League of Nation's response was a protest, like a "warning" but they didn't do anything.Why did the Japanese military attack China without the approval of the elected government?


  5. approved greater spendings for army and navy passed a peace time draft *had African-Americans have an Army Air CorpsWhat steps did the U.S. take to prepare for war?


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