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Solar System

the sun, eight planets, moons, asteroids, meteoroids, and meteors. Everything in the solar system orbits, or goes around the sun.


The curved path something in space takes around another object in space; planets move in an orbit around the sun.


a large body of rock or gas that orbit the sun


chunk of rock or metal that orbits the sun


large ball of ice and dust that orbits the sun


the spinning of an object on its axis


an imagnary line that goes through the North Pole and the South Pole


movement of one object around another object

Light year

the distance that light travels in one year.


center of the sun, the sun's hottest layer

Radiation zone

the sun's thickest layer - (it may take millions of years for the energy from the core to make it's way through this layer)


the inner layer of the sun's atmosphere - most of the light that reaches the planets is released from this layer


large cells of gas called supergranular cells, middle layer of the sun's atmosphere


the outermost layer of the sun's atmoshphere


cooler darker areas on the sun


a star, everything in the solar system orbits, or goes around it. It is a big burning ball of gas. All of our heat and light comes from it.


is the planet closest to the sun. It is a rocky planet. it is very hot during the day and very cold at night. There is no water or weather on Mercury.


is the second planet from the sun. It is the hottest and brightest planet in the solar system.


the third planet from the sun. Seventy percent of the Earth is covered in water. It is the only planet that has life on it.


the fourth planet from the sun. It is called the "Red Planet". It has mountains, valleys, and canyons.


is the fifth planet from the sun. It is a gas planet. It is the largest planet. It has big storms, one is called the "Great Red Spot".


is the sixth planet from the sun. It is a gas planet. It has many rings made of ice, rocks, and dust .


is the seventh planet from the sun. it is a gas planet. it is the coldest planet in the solar system.


is the eight planet from the sun. It is a gas planet. It is very cold and stormy.

How many planets are in our Solar System?

8 planets are in our Solar System

The Earth is ________ planets from the Sun?

3rd planet from the Sun


A person who travels to space


The size of our shadow changes,

The Sun is also a ________


Milky Way

the galaxy our solar system is in

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