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  1. Willa Cather
  2. Oscar DePriest
  3. Harding's Death
  4. Cooperative Individualism
  5. The Red Summer
  1. a Encouraging businesses to form trade associations that would voluntarily share information with the federal government
  2. b Pulitzer Prize
    Wrote about life on the great plains
  3. c Because of the amount of blood that was spilled
    25 race riots
    Whites drowned a black teenager
    National Guard called in
  4. d Died from a heart attack on his way from Alaska to California
  5. e First African American representative in congress from a Northern state

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  1. Lower taxes and people will earn more and actually pay at lower rates versus higher ones
  2. Seen as a dangerous catalyst for Black uprisings
  3. Families could improve their standard of living by limiting the amount of children they had
    Margaret Sanger
  4. 14 countries agreed to no more war and would settle disputes by peaceful means
  5. Chicago Poet
    Used common speech to glorify the Midwest

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  1. April 1919 Postal Service75% of the police force walked off the job
    Calvin Coolidge called in the national guard and refused to give the strikers their jobs back


  2. FundamentalismBelieved the bible was literally true and without error


  3. BohemianDominated organized crime in Chicago
    Arrested by Elliot Ness


  4. Famous Sports PlayersCharlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford


  5. Eugene O'NeilFirst woman elected to state supreme court


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