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  1. Locations where artists, writers, and intellectuals flocked to
  2. Carl Sandburg
  3. Air Commerce Act
  4. Dawes Plan
  5. Other Industries the Auto Industry Helped
  1. a Provided federal aid for building airports
  2. b Charles Dawes
    Negotiated an agreement with France, Britain, and Germany by which American banks would make loans to Germany that would enable it to make reparations payments. They then would accept less in reparations and pay back more on their war debts
  3. c Rubber, Plate Glass, Nickel, Lead, Oil, Steel
  4. d Chicago Poet
    Used common speech to glorify the Midwest
  5. e Manhattan's Greenwich Village and Chicago's South Side

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  1. Conducted revivals and faith healing in LA in a theatrical way
  2. Led Aviation Indudstry
    Owned a motorcycle company
    Became Director of Experiments at the Aerial Experiment Association
  3. NBC and CBS
  4. To prepare a unified federal budget
  5. Only used $1,000
    Studied failed attempts

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  1. Ole HansonDominated organized crime in Chicago
    Arrested by Elliot Ness


  2. Westinghouse CompanyBroadcasted first radio show


  3. Josephine BakerMost daring performer
    Became international


  4. BohemianHarding's old poker player friends


  5. Communist InternationalAn organization for coordinating Communist parties in other countries


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