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  1. Billy Sunday
  2. Teapot Dome
  3. Carl Sandburg
  4. Supply-side Economics
  5. Wright Brothers
  1. a Former baseball player who preached fundamentalism in nontraditional ways
  2. b Only used $1,000
    Studied failed attempts
  3. c Chicago Poet
    Used common speech to glorify the Midwest
  4. d Lower taxes and people will earn more and actually pay at lower rates versus higher ones
  5. e Albert Fall allowed private investors to lease lands containing U.S. Navy oil reserves at Teapot Dome and Elk HIlls
    Recieved $300 thousand

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  1. Intercepted 30 bombs
  2. Funded irrigation projects, led to the creation of large factory farms
    Mexicans came in great numbers
  3. Died from a heart attack on his way from Alaska to California
  4. Soulful style of music that evolved from African American spirituals
    Themes such as unfulfilled love, poverty, and oppression
  5. Conducted revivals and faith healing in LA in a theatrical way

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  1. Calvin CoolidgeDominated organized crime in Chicago
    Arrested by Elliot Ness


  2. John T. ScopesBecause of the amount of blood that was spilled
    25 race riots
    Whites drowned a black teenager
    National Guard called in


  3. Ohio GangHarding's old poker player friends


  4. Cotton ClubHarding's old poker player friends


  5. AileronsSurfaces attached to wings that can be tilted to steer the plane


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