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  1. Washington Conference
  2. Bessie Smith
  3. John T. Scopes
  4. Dawes Plan
  5. Communist International
  1. a Charles Dawes
    Negotiated an agreement with France, Britain, and Germany by which American banks would make loans to Germany that would enable it to make reparations payments. They then would accept less in reparations and pay back more on their war debts
  2. b A Biology teacher in Tennessee who volunteered to teach evolution in opposition to state law
  3. c Britain, France, Italy, China, Japan, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Portugal invited to discuss disarmament
    Five Power Naval Limitation Treaty
  4. d Symbolized soul
    Empress of the Blues
  5. e An organization for coordinating Communist parties in other countries

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  1. Led Aviation Indudstry
    Owned a motorcycle company
    Became Director of Experiments at the Aerial Experiment Association
  2. Former baseball player who preached fundamentalism in nontraditional ways
  3. Believed the bible was literally true and without error
  4. Broadcasted first radio show
  5. Because they were Italian and especially because they were anarchists, they were accused and found guilty of murdering two employees of a shoe factory

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  1. Ohio GangArtistic and unconventional


  2. Paul RobertsonFamous Black Actor


  3. Lost GenerationFamous Black Actor


  4. Famous Sports PlayersJack Dempsey - Boxer
    Red Grange - College Football
    Bobby Jones - Golfer
    Gertrude Ederle - Swimmer


  5. Samuel LangleyBuilt small planes powered by steam engines
    Awared $50 thousand to build an airplane that could carry a person


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