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  1. Harding's Death
  2. John T. Scopes
  3. Samuel Langley
  4. Calvin Coolidge
  5. Cotton Club
  1. a Died from a heart attack on his way from Alaska to California
  2. b The most famous nightclub in Harlem
    Only served white customers
  3. c A Biology teacher in Tennessee who volunteered to teach evolution in opposition to state law
  4. d Boston Police Strike
    Became Vice President under Harding
    Became President when Harding died
    Re-elected in 1924
  5. e Built small planes powered by steam engines
    Awared $50 thousand to build an airplane that could carry a person

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  1. Play writer
  2. To support veterans
  3. Heroic Anti-heroes
  4. Encouraging businesses to form trade associations that would voluntarily share information with the federal government
  5. Harding's old poker player friends

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  1. F. Scott FitzgeraldThe Great Gatsby
    A novel critical of modern society's superficiality


  2. Red ScareAmericans scared communists would attempt to seize power


  3. Sociological DepartmentFord
    Requirements workers had to meet


  4. Federal Radio CommissionBecause of the amount of blood that was spilled
    25 race riots
    Whites drowned a black teenager
    National Guard called in


  5. Oscar DePriestFirst African American representative in congress from a Northern state


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