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  1. Este retrato fue pintado por...
  2. original
  3. A decir verdad, me parece...
  4. realista
  5. la arquitectura
  1. a realistic
  2. b architecture
  3. c To tell the truth, it strikes me as...
  4. d original
  5. e This portrait was painted by...

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  1. drawing
  2. photography
  3. to sculpt
  4. tower
  5. Which of these painting do you like better, the one of (by)... or the one of (by)...?

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  1. ¿Qué opinas de...?What do you think of...?


  2. la talla en maderawood carving


  3. la cinematografíacinematography


  4. antiguo(a)modern


  5. impresionanteimpressive


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