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  1. el puente
  2. la galería
  3. la torre
  4. En realidad, admiro...
  5. Este retrato fue pintado por...
  1. a Actually, I admore...
  2. b bridge
  3. c This portrait was painted by...
  4. d gallery
  5. e tower

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  1. Which of these painting do you like better, the one of (by)... or the one of (by)...?
  2. To tell the truth, it strikes me as...
  3. impressive
  4. photography
  5. cinematography

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  1. imaginativo(a)antique


  2. ¿Qué te parece?What do you think of it?


  3. la exposiciónphotography


  4. la esculturasculpture


  5. clásico(a)antique


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